The Exmo Recovery Book to End All Exmo Recovery Books (your input?)

To all my friends leaving the church (or recovering from it):


In the spirit of helping others out in order to speed up one's own recovery, I feel that there's a unique opportunity for me and a few others to create something of value to serve and help fellow travelers on the road out of Mormonism, while speeding up our own healing and recovery.


In the short videos below, I outline the Purpose and proposed subject matter of a BOOK that would provide people who are getting out/been out with an overview of:


* Exit stories and relevant quotes in each chapter

* Mind control and spiritual abuse

* Church's history and reasons people have determined it to be deceptive

* The Stages of Doubts, Leaving, Loss, Recovery  

* Exit Stories and quotes throughout


Does a "one-stop" book exist to overview just about everything someone leaving the church will want to know without going into too much detail then and there?  There is more content out there already than one could ever read through piecemeal (on forums, multitude of books, podcasts, etc). 


I strongly feel a Beginner's Guide to Getting Out of Mormonism (and getting Mormonism out of you) would be very, very helpful, because:


* It gives readers the "jist" of everything they will need to know

* Book format gives it to them when they need it

* Book is more personal reading format, can write notes in it, fill out exercises, etc

*  It will not overwhelm the beginning student of this topic because it will show the BIG PICTURE of how it all works, then directing readers to recommended references for in-depth study of any part the reader desires to learn more about.  


If you think this is a great idea, too, watch these 2 short videos and let me know your thoughts and feedback (pros and cons) in a reply message.  I'd like to get general thoughts first and then work on the concept some more before getting to work. I have gotten positive interest and a few contributors already:


Video #1: Short Overview of book's purpose, how I intend to organize it, and how to get involved: 


Video #2: The Book's proposed Table of Contents (picks up where Video #1 stops):


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I think this would be fantastic! I had a hard time "getting out" emotionally and would have devoured any information, especially from exmo's.
I am an avid writer and would love to participate in the making of this book as well.
Awesome! Thanks for your interest. Check out our secret FB group at the link above and I'll announce the next step soon
Update: For those interested in collaborating on this project, I have just created this secret (not sacred) Facebook group:

I will use it to send collaborators email updates, show videos and announcements, for us to chat about it, and to take suggestions. I will probably post occasional updates on this board, or when some resources or opinions would be helpful.


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