Greetings everyone!!!
My next show will be SATURDAY May 8th @ 10AM.
My guest will be: Kent Belliston
Our topic is: Mission Abuse
Those of us who have been on a MORmON mission and have experienced such abuse
please call in or email and share with us your experiences.
Show Page:
Call-in Number: (917) 388-4294

There will be no show on May 16th and possibly in June as well. I will be
recovering from surgery(lapraoscopy w/ possible total hysterectomy).

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I enjoy your shows Benee! Keep up the good work.
I hope your show will expand to other stations and markets. Good luck on your surgery and may you have a speady recovery.
Dan u sweetie!!
Thank u so much for your sweet words!! I doubt I will ever get that huge.
*SMOOCHES and *HUGS 2 u!!!

I watched your videos to get to know you better. I unlike you went the atheist route. After 6 years of biblical studies at university may decision was confirmed over and over again. I can understand that a belief in god can give hope and strength to an individual. If it works than use it. Where do you live? I am in Toronto. If you are interested in my story send me your email. Hopefully one day you will get that hug.
I was a 40-yr active member who found out the truth of the LDS church (while living in SLC) in March 2007 and resigned 2 mts later. My life has never been better. I moved back to my native San Diego as I could not "stomach" Utah.
Sadly, I sent a son to New Mexico Mission 1996-98. My first impression of him AFTER his mission was that he was definately BRAINWASHED as he could not stop saying the 1st, 2nd and 3 discussions WORD FOR WORD and acted as a MINDLESS ROBOT. THANKS FOR EXPOSING THE TRUTH ABOUT MISSIONS.
Thanx everyone!!! I recovering slowly but surely, it seems like its taking forever!!! The operation went very well and I stayed in the hospital overnight. Thanx so much for your well wishes!!!



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