I want to share this book which is available online at The Collapse of Belief: What To Do When Your World Comes Crashing Down
. It articulately describes the crisis we go through when long held defining beliefs collapse. It also describes Relational Learning and discerning both your and other's underlying beliefs which fundamentally drive all of our actions and decisions. This is an excellent read to aid you and yours in your transition out of religion. The book is still in the process of being written with the last chapter yet to be posted. Kurt and Barbara both post on Postmormon.org under the aliases of WongWay and BobbiesPath.

Here are the chapters to give you an idea of topics and to spark some interest:

1. When My Life Fell Apart
2. Cracks in a Perfect World
3. A Circle of Viewpoints
4. When UFOs, Jesus, and Money Didn't Show Up
5. Belief Window
6. Thinking Inside the Box
7. Believing In Yourself
8. What A Single Change In Belief Can Do
9. How I Inadvertently Started A Church
10. The Most Dangerous Belief
11. The Secret Is In The Relationship
12. Discernment: Seeing Through The Promotions of Belief
13. Beyond Belief

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Thanks for recommending "The Collapse of Belief". I took a critical thinking course in college years ago, the instructor spoke about Belief Windows. I was an active Mormon at the time, I did not understand the concept. It was a concept I did not understand at the time. I was deeply involved in Mormonism, I trusted everyone. I am more cautious now that I am not a member. I met Jim Harmson years ago after I got off my mission. He was friends with a family that I stayed with after I got off my mission. He and his wife came up for dinner. Needless to say, it was an interesting experience. Thanks again for sharing.
Great insightful read, thanks for the recommendation! I'm fortunate to have a therapist who has been helping me begin to recognize my own Belief Window. It's still unreal to me how much I can relate to other ex-mormons...never, ever, ever did I imagine I would leave the church!

This might be a good book for our book club at some point.


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