The following is a story I was told by John Lund, who had been an Institute of Religion Instructor for the Mormon Church in Seattle, Washington, in 1969. Lund was the author of "The Church and the Negro" (1968) which was an overview of "The Curse of Cain Doctrine". At this time (1969) various Universities were refusing to play sports for Brigham Young University; because BYU was owned by the Mormon Church which most Liberals perceived to be 'racist'. Lund was asked by the Trustees of the University of Washington to appear before them and answer questions as to "why" the University should not cancel sports events with Brigham Young University, since "BYU is owned by a racist organization". Lund appeared before them in a public meeting attended by over 1000 students and teachers, but every time he attempted to answer questions a black faculty member arose and said "Why are we listening to this man? We must be CRAZY to want to listen to this man? We must be INSANE!! Why are we listening to him?" Lund was not allowed to speak but was constantly interrupted by the black faculty member. Finally, Lund tried to answer again but the black faculty member arose yet again and said: "We are INSANE to want to listen to this man! We must be INSANE!" So, in frustration, Lund said, "Well, you must be INSANE then-- so I'm leaving!" Lund walked out to the hiss and boos and spittle of the crowd. The next day, the Seattle Times did an article titled "Mormon Leader calls black faculty member Insane". The day after the Seattle Times article, two cars filled with black men carrying tire-irons and basball bats drove up in front of the Seattle LDS Institute of Religion and got out. About 10 to 12 men in all. All armed and yelling "Let's kill all those racist Mormon m****** f******s!" The Institute Director (Jeffrey Holland--later an Apostle) directed Lund to "hold the front doors closed" while he (Holland) marshalled the students out the back door. Lund rushed to the front door and said a quick prayer for protection. Suddenly, one of the black men said, "Hey, this ain't the Mormon Church! This is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Look at the sign! Man, we got the wrong place!" At that point, the dozen black men rushed back into their two vehicles and drove away. No further threats or attempts at violence were reported. John L. Lund is the author of "The Church and the Negro" which is still sold by online. It is a compilation of quotes from Mormon leaders about "Negroes" with some commentary by John L. Lund.

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Well there it is. God answers prayers and protects his saints from harm. A moving and faith promoting story if there ever was one.Amazing how God can manipulate the mind of a mob. Too bad He did not do it for Joesph Smith.



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