The Book of Mormon Like Unto the Garden of Eden Story



Was Joseph Smith  simply "faking it" when he hid his face in his hat and recited

for hours, or is there something more to this story?



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He was already branded as a 'witch' for looking into his hat at a 'seer's stone,' trying to find buried treasure.


I fail to see how or why anyone would write on a soft metal, such as gold, to record histories of wars and peaceful times. If it was written on such a metal, then he probably would not be able to move it like the storybook said he did.


There are no evidence supporting anything the BoM states. The 'great' wars that occurred in there never happened, because the land would have revealed such things. The structures within North America, as great as they were, were never found, on South America has such, but they were never stated, unless the book was revised to include them.


So yes, to answer your question: He faked it.

The Garden of Eden story is not "pure myth" but based upon two historical people: Pharoah Aye and Queen Khiyah of Egypt, about 1860 B.C.



Sorry, but you are wrong. The Garden of Eden myth, in its various forms, FAR predates this particular Egyptian King and Queen. The biblical version is a retelling of the story of Geb and Nut, the Earth god and Sky goddess who gave birth to the gods Set, Osiris, and Horus, who are the Egyptian equivalents of Cain Abel and Seth.

Additionally, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia had their own versions of the Garden of Eden myth. The Epic of Gilgamesh, which predates 2000 BCE, includes tales of a tree of life, a tree of knowledge, fruit that could make a man like the gods, and a serpent which deceives the humans.

If you'd like to learn more about these ancient myths, I would highly recommend the following books for your enlightenment:

Gary Greenberg, 101 Myths of the Bible

Merlin Stone, When God was a Woman


Robert Wright, The Evolution of God

So before you come to a website full of ExMormons, and spread a bunch of BS mumbo-jumbo, remember that most of us have pretty strong BS detectors, which led to each of our exits from the faith. Many of us are well read on the myths of the ancient world, enough to know the difference between a plausible reality and pure inventions of human imagination.

I highly doubt any of us have any interest in giving up one delusional cult, just so we can jump into another delusional cult.

Besides, this website is not about spreading your own gospel, and seeking to convert others to a new faith. This place is about people who have left Mormonism behind, and want to make new friends who have shared similar experiences. If you want to make friends with fellow exmormons, that it great, but we don't need any missionaries here. If your goal here is convert others to your own brand of delusion, feel free to take your proselytizing efforts elsewhere.

Who were the Giants?  Very interesting reading if nothing else!

The "giant" myth first started out in Sumerian lore. It is said that after the gods of Sumer returned to the Earth, after giving life to humanity, the male gods fell in love with the female humans, while the female gods fell for the male humans. They got together, and produced the giants.

What happened to them, no one knows. There is writings about a giant flood, but nothing saying about it encompassing the globe. So it might've been a flood from a nearby river that wiped out a village or two.


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