It has become pretty clear to me that if a vote was held today, I would be voted off the island so to speak.  Since even I agree that I have become a distraction to this site, I am leaving without any assistance. In fairness to Mike I have never been asked to leave.

It has been a fun an interesting time for me and I just want to take a minute and say a few things to some of you.  I am in a bit of a hurry, so if I don't mention you it doesn't mean you didn't have an affect on me. 

To pollypinks, thanks for your most recent support, you have always delighted me and if I could pick someone to be my sister it would be you. 

To Creativebliss, I am sorry I created a vortex underneath your post. It wasn't intended to be that way.  To you I will say I hope people here appreciate the kind of intelligence you bring to every discussion. I would have complimented you more on your posts, but felt it might shine a bad light on you personally.

To Libby I would say I think you are wonderful and you bring sunshine into the room whenever you enter. If I had one thing to say to you it is to stay away from your dark side, the real you is more Molly Mormon than you will ever want to admit.

To Nathan I want to say I learned the most from you. I have seen you grow a lot and this site is good for you in part because they tell you when you are offensive.  There is some of you in all of us and the extreme honesty was both shocking and refreshing. I think I will miss you the most.

To MM, I don't know of anyone who has spent more time working on personal issues and I think you make a great moderator.  Someday if you quit thinking about things and let it happen you will be a great person.

To Jen, I would say I wish I would have known you better.  I used to wish you would have come in with a pretend name because I was always a bit self concious about talking to you, since you are Mike's wife.

To Annie, I would say that you don't need to hear anything from me except maybe to really enjoy this part of your life because you will look back on it fondly.

To the duchess, what can I say except the room was instantly classy when you entered.  I am glad I recieved your initial post on the Suicide thread, because it was really good. 

To Don, I will say that I think you will make a great moderator.  You are a male version of Die and that is a very big compliment.

To Die, I would say that if I were single, I would be hitch hiking to your door and begging you for a date.  You bring intelligence and balance to any conversation. I loved you as a monitor and never once had the sense that any of it went to your head.

To the group who was with Mike at Postmo, can't think of their names for some reason. Jack F exudes cool when he is in a room.  I don't think he liked me one bit, but I really enjoyed him.

To Mark, I would say I enjoyed knowing you and learned a lot from you.

To Happy Guy, I think you are one of the nicest guys I've ever met.  I wish you well

To Sapper Daddy, If I ever decide to really be a man, you are the man I would want to be. 

To SM, that thing you do on Friday night chat with the music is pretty cool.

Mistyjune, I always enjoyed reading your posts and to think you did most if it one handed while breast feeding.

Cambam, I never really new you, but always liked your posts.

Oh yeah, mel and el, I will miss you too.

To Truthr, I will say that I really do like you but I think you have an agenda and I've never liked that.  I don't think you should be giving advice.  I think by trying to anticipate what someone might say creates more problems than it solves.  Sit back and take a deep breathe, I'm leaving and so there is nothing left to worry about from me.

I know I'm missing some people, I'm going to shoot myself for not mentioning. It has been a fun ride. 



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Thanks for having participated on LAM Bar.  I will miss your contribution the community.

Hi Bar,

I'm disappointed that you feel you need to depart.  I hope you will recognize my sincerity in stating that I had no intentions of driving you away and was primarily attempting to understand your position with Truth and towards the "triad".  Something else I feel should be clarified to all is that membership moderation is strictly under my own jurisdiction and not a task assigned to content/chat moderators.  Besides content spammers, only 3 individuals have ever been suspended from LAM, and those were due to repeat violations of house rules and/or TOS (terms of service).  I hope that is reassuring to all and that my consistency in apply the house rules and my personal principles is recognized as genuine.

Should you not choose to visit us further Bar, know that you'll be missed by myself and many others.  I do not find our disagreements of a few topics distracting to genuine companionship and so state that I enjoy your perspective, candidness, wit and genuine concern for others.  Should our paths not cross again, I wish you well in your endeavors, well being and happiness.




  You better get your hind end back in the house :)  I like you. Sometimes the internet is not the best place to communicate.  


I like ou and enjoy your personality.



Bar, first off, I just wanted to say that I think you're such a wonderful person.  That has always been a big struggle of mine here on Life After Mormonism.  As soon as men find out that I'm married to Micah they act very formal or stay a hundred miles away from me, and it's not that I'm out looking to have an affair but sometimes I just want to get on LAM and have a fun time just like the next person.  You made me laugh at a point in my life when I was going through a very hard time, and out of all of the men on LAM you were the only one who ever had fun back with me.  I feel really sad that you're leaving because I'll never get to know you better too, or find out about your full story of how you deconverted your current wife from being a JW and how the two of you ran away together.  I think I have the story right.  Micah had told it to me one day and I was curious to ask you more because it sounded like a really neat story.  I also wanted to ask you how you got over being addicted to being in love.  You had mentioned that one night on chat and I was curious to ask you more.


Maybe you could take a break from LAM for awhile, but please don't leave permanently.  Even though I don't post much I have enjoyed reading your posts and have learned a lot from you.  And I loved chatting with you.



Bar...I for one will miss you.  Your posts were insightful IMO, but more than that, I will miss the witty reparte that existed between us.


Thank you for the compliment: Jack F exudes cool when he is in the room.  Probably not true, but thanks anyway.


I am sad that you think I didn't like you as nothing could be further from the truth.


Not sure why there has to be so much drama regarding the suicide thread or any other thread for that matter.  Yes, it was and is an emotionally charged issue, but different people have different opinions.  Everyone has their own path and their own journey.  Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't. 


Life is too short to get upset when someone else's view of life doesn't quite match up with our own.


Hope you will stay, but if you have to go...good luck and safe journeys.



Bar, please don't leave. I know this is too late, but I think this recent disagreement will just blow over and you are really one of my favorite people on here. Seriously, nothing you have said or done has made me think any less of you, and I respect you speaking your mind. Don't go! I didn't come on for a couple of weeks and if I don't get another chance to fake fight with you in chat I will be SO SAD!

Additionally: kudos on your clever Bar puns as thread titles...

Bar  I wish that you do not leave . Your insight is valuable. If you do i hope you will visit and add a dime or two to some of the discussions.

All the Best tp ypu


i second SW's opinion.
Hmm...looks like everyone would vote to keep Bar on the island.
Oh sure I don't log on for a few days and one of my faves announces he is not logging on anymore. With what I do know of Bar I'm guessing it's not a cry for attention. Bar, feel free to stop by and chat anytime. You have an interesting perspective on life and when you see things no one does or is ready to you aren't afraid to say it. I admire that.


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