The Answer is "2"

By Micah McAllister (Lord M)
June 7th 2009

Pssst, do you want to have a "trippity-ass" experience? . . . . . . . . 2

Do you enjoy movies like "The Secret", "Religulous", or "What the bleep do we know"? . . . . . . . 2

Do you want to hear the unfiltered story of an LDS Missionary, mingled with fiction? . . . . . . .2

Do you want to further your own awakening to this crazy thing we call reality? . . . . . . . 2

From Two Lords Press, "2" by Evan Lord is the transformational tale of Elder Ewan T. Ladd, who was "called to serve" by IBM in the Munich, West Germany Mission. Oops, I meant the Germany Tueffelsdorf Mission ("2 Dorf). Elder Ewan Theodore Ladd is much like any other 19 year old: young, horny, and unsure of his convictions. Wanting to fit into his culture and expectations sometimes means having to fake these convictions while trying to gain that testimony. Fake it till you make it.

"2" starts out with Ewan Ladd reflecting on his upbringing and preparations to serve a mission, a mission that almost didn't take place as he almost blew it the night before with Angelina, "an auburn-haired print and runway model"! Yes, this book has it all, unfiltered and drenched in reality. If you have been through an LDS Temple ceremony, you will likely relate to Elder Ladd's experience and shock, and depending on your generation, being joined from groin to shoulders at your hip (Elder Ladd served from 1977 to 1979).

Many well developed characters enter the fray as Elder Ladd embarks into the heart of the Mormon machine, the Missionary Training Center (MTC). If you are a returned missionary, you will probably recognize some of your own companions among the Elders of Ladd's districts, zones and companionships. Elder "Sleeping" Leahpin is Ladd's first companion through the MTC, also reassigned to "2 Dorf". He is an obedient, semi uptight Elder who sometimes struggles to stay awake during prayers and long classes. Elder Larabee is a character who seems to know it all, both the good and the bad of Mormon history. Headed to the Munich mission, Ladd only has to put up with him for the duration of the MTC. He leaves Ladd wondering why Larabee is even serving a mission, since he seems to know all the dirt on Mormon origins. But, as Larabee says, "he loves his mom and dad".

The meat of "2" surrounds a discussion between Elder Ladd and "Cadeau", a contact found from a referral forwarded from Temple Square. This contact is in Elder Ladd's first area of "2 Dorf" with his trainer, "The horse", Elder Pepper, a hard working, door knocking servant of the lord. Ladd was on splits with Elder Proctor when this discussion took place as Elder Pepper refused to continue with Cadeau and his open-minded and logical questions. Cadeau's simplistic and deconstructive logic is mind blowing and eye opening. You may experience a shift in your own consciousness as you contemplate and ponder the breakdown of the mainstream God, fed to the masses for millennia, for the primary purpose of control and submission. Due to the length and depth of this discussion, Elder Ladd has to flash back to it through the remaining chapters, each time finding his beliefs under fire and striving to defend and maintain what he has been taught from his youth. This discussion between Cadeau and Elder Ladd causes the latter to experience a quantum jump which alters his path and reality for the primary chapters of "2" and throughout most of his reported mission before arriving at both endings, bringing him back to a more typical ending and reality for a missionary's "best two years".

That's right, "2" is called such because it has many parallels and plays on the theme of "2", including 2 endings, leaving you, the reader, to decide which ending most suits your paradigm and beliefs. This is nicely plaid out with the second of the two endings really adding a flair of fantasy and magic to a thrilling and unbelievable "climax", literally. Hint: Elder Ladd makes it with the President's daughter(or was that just a dream, guess you'll just have to find out for your self)!

The dialog in "2" is realistic, fun and refreshing. Drama and emotions are often intertwined into the thrilling sections of "2", making it hard to put down. At 403 pages and small print, this novel will have you entertained from several hours to days. Available in either white or black slip covers, further playing to the theme of "2". Even more, the slip covers are reversible, in case you need to camouflage your reading choice from disapproving eyes. Most of the concepts introduced in "2" can be researched further online, leaving you to wonder how much of it is really based in fiction. "2" can be ordered from

To sum it all up, "2" will have you nodding, laughing, pondering, horny and seeing life and reality with a new paradigm (just ask my DW, who I read "2" aloud to). The most important message I got out of "2" is my own personal divinity in me and each of us, our oneness with everything, and a further desire to turn around the future of planet Earth, the only home we know.

"want a trippity-ass experience? 2 was written to be read twice. Same book. Whole ‘nuther story."

This book will leave you wanting to read it again, highlighter and sticky pad in hand, ready to extract quotes and wisdom to pass on to your circle of family and friends.

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well if it'll leave me horny then I better get a copy;)
It worked for my wife :)
God, if I'd known the book would have that effect, I'd have advertised it in Cosmo instead of City Weekly.
City Weekly (SLC) just posted a review of 2 here:
What did you think of Scott's approach in CW?
I think it was mostly fair and unbiased. I don't know what his background is but he seemed to enjoy the book. I think he may have gone a little overboard with the whole "weird" thing. But overall I think it's a good plug for your book. The positive comments to the article are just icing on the cake.
I'll be on the radio tomorrow. KBER 101.1 at...2:22 -- or there abouts.
Allen read it and likes it. Don't know about his cohort Mick or the KBER audience. This is my first radio interview about 2.
I'm up for a new "trippity-ass" experience Lord M ~
Thanks for another Great Share!

I just finished 2, and it was a great read! The dialogue was smooth and natural and the storyline was totally engrossing.. I polished it off in two sittings, putting it down in between was painful. I'm still trying to figure out what my interpretation of the "trippity-ass" ending is... but now that I'm finished, I'm passing the book on to a friend to read, and maybe then onto BookMooch or PaperbackSwap so others can read it.
Awesome! How did you hear about 2 all the way out there on the East coast?


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