This thread is for sharing things in mormonism that have screwed you up in life. You state what it is, then say "Thanks, Mormonism!"



Whenever I find something that is so funny that I have a very deep and loud laugh and feel all is well with the world,  I suddenly remember those temple covenants about "loud laughter" and then feel bad for having a good laugh. Thanks, mormonism!


I'm still a virgin. Thanks, mormonism!


I can't enjoy coffee or tea without being reminded of the church. Thanks, mormonism!



That felt pretty good. Okay, your turn. ;)

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I didn't think about nor envision my future in the real world when I was young because I thought the Second Coming would happen and it wouldn't matter anyway.  Because of that, I didn't get serious about planning a career or living my life until several years after high school.  Now I'm still having a hard time sorting out my future.  Thanks, Mormonism!


(btw, I'm new here, and like the site so far!)

Draben, I had those beliefs/thoughts too about the 2nd coming.  So dumb when I think about it now.  Thanks Mormonism!

I feel the same way Draben.  I remember a Scout Master telling me that the end of the world would come in the year 2000 and that I would be in my forties....the prime of my life when it happened. Those were his exact words. I was in Jr. High at the time.  Thanks Mormonism! Does that mean I don't need to worry about college?  I can't imagine saying something like that to a kid!!!!

I get to go and clean toilets for a multi billion dollar corporation that fired the custodians.


thanks moronism


Is THAT why our bishopric announces that members of our ward have to meet on certain Saturday mornigs to clean the building?  I THOUGHT this was something new.  I've gone a few times.  This is another item to add to my list as reasons to resign.  Thank you for pointing that out.

Remember; it was not a financial decision, it was a decision to give members a chance to serve, since we never got any of those chances.  Can't wait for General Conference to find out more ways we can serve.

 I love your take on this troyboy!!!

I get to watch a kid who just turned 8 years old be baptized for Remission of Sins when the kid has not been capable of sinning up to that point.


Thanks moronism

that I was stupid enough to think that everyone that "loved me as a friend" when I was a member was genuine, only to find out that I needed to be dumped once I resigned, (ok, maybe more 'tolerated with a false show of friendship' until it fizzled out naturally) because I was considered a threat to their eternal salvation - thanks mormonism

by and large there are more positives than negatives to thank mormonism for, but the fact remains it is a religion based on a lie that tip the scales for me.  

I escaped the craziness about a month ago, and today right at the end of ward council time I started getting phone calls from people who "love" me who were always to busy to be my friend, not that I wanted their friendship. I guess I was the topic of the meeting today. I love it! Can't wait for them to start their visits.

SO: I had to wear this stupid looking veil and a green apron etc. over my wedding dress; had to travel all the way to Cardston twice for the privilege; none of my family members were able to be there; not even my three kids. I push this same shit onto my kids - I paid tithes to go to the temple so that I could be with my family forever; and then I find out it was all an April 6th Fool's joke - Thanks Mormonism.


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