This thread is for sharing things in mormonism that have screwed you up in life. You state what it is, then say "Thanks, Mormonism!"



Whenever I find something that is so funny that I have a very deep and loud laugh and feel all is well with the world,  I suddenly remember those temple covenants about "loud laughter" and then feel bad for having a good laugh. Thanks, mormonism!


I'm still a virgin. Thanks, mormonism!


I can't enjoy coffee or tea without being reminded of the church. Thanks, mormonism!



That felt pretty good. Okay, your turn. ;)

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Bar K, I guess you're more positive than me.  I just feel sorry for them for doing it for nothing.

Of course, I would have went with them if I'd lived in that day, and thought I was in with the lord because of it.

The story that inspired me when i was a believer was the story of the 3 or 4 young men that saved many of the Martin Handcart Company by carrying them across an icy river.  Seems like they died young because of it.  Brigham Young said they would inherit the celestial kingdom because of that one act alone. 

But, it did make me think that was an easy way to earn the celestial kingdom.  Just suffer physical hardship for a few days instead of trying to live the impossible commandments for 80 years.  Wow.  What a deal.

I just recently read that it was another made-up or embellished story.

The thing is, we still have every right to be frustrated. Even moreso that our ancestors lived and DIED for a religion they so dearly believed in. I don't mean to say that with disrespect, but it sort of makes me angry to think of all those good people who perished during the exodus. Those poor poor people.

Because I was mostly an outcast in the church, I learned quickly to look elsewhere for friends. So I have a nice tiny circle of really close friends that aren't Mormon from my school days. And if it wasn't for Mormonism, I wouldn't have found my close friends here.

So thanks mormonism for showing me where to find REAL friends.


I don't understand why Mormon authorities feel that they need to keep women in the church from expressing their sexiness and natural beauty. It makes me think they themselves feel embarrassed or are upset about their sexual feelings and project that on their members. Thanks for sharing dutchess!

A Mormon girl who told me she loved me, and convinced me I did too. I tried my hardest to show her I would do anything for her as long as she respected who I was. Overnight she decided she didn't love me anymore and started dating a random Mormon kid 3 days later because a temple marriage is more important than a loved one. Wtf Mormonism!?

 On that note, I have no idea of what to realistically expect in a loving relationship with a woman, and approaching real women is difficult. Thanks Mormonism!

 Wasted entire Sundays when I could have done homework or something else productive. Thanks Mormonism!

 Wasted time arguing with Missionaries and Bishopric members trying to convince me that the thing I couldn't see, feel, share with others or prove existed was really there and cared about what underwear I had to put on and what position I had sex in. Thanks Mormonism!

A good deal of my family no longer recognizes I exist. Thanks Mormonism!

Figured out who my real friends are! Thanks Mormonism!

Got my Eagle Scout, guess its something to put on a resume. Thanks Mormonism!

Spent my youth being bullied and abused by kids at school who were allegedly my friends at church. Lived on the empty comfort that "It'll all be fixed in the next life, you'll both be in the same loving kingdom god gives you both, then they'll have to apologize." WTF Mormonism? 

Still a virgin, though I guess there's good there. I don't have aids. :-) Thanks Mormonism!

Had to completely rewrite my worldview and rebuild my social life in college. Thanks Mormonism.

Never smoked or did drugs. THANKS MOM!

i never cared for alcohol drugs or sleeping around, thanks mormonism!

Lots of things.  I think, however, that I am supposed to "get over" this pretty soon.  But I'm not quite there yet, so here goes a list:

1. Believing my family would NOT be together unless they got sealed in the temple.  Spent years trying for this as a teenager and then as an adult.  Never worked.  Felt frustrated, depressed.  WOW, could have skipped this whole experience!

2. Believing that marrying a woman who was a member in good standing was all that was really required to be happy in a marriage.  NOT T-R-U-E!

You know what?  That is enough right there. 

Mormonism was a part of my life.  It still is, I can't escape it because my spouse believes and won't examine anything, so I am going to have to always deal with it. 

Mormonism was a part of my life.  It still is, I can't escape it because my spouse believes and won't examine anything, so I am going to have to always deal with it. 

Same here. When Mormons arrogantly say that apostates "can leave the church but they can't leave it alone" don't understand what a destructive, anti-family force Mormonism is.  Ex-mormons married to TBMs have the surreal experience of living with and loving a personification of this crazy belief system they've made great sacrifice to reject.

It isn't fun. 

As a non-Mormon, I was left alone on the school bus every Tuesday as the ENTIRE BUS UNLOADED AT THE CHURCh after school. I think this eventually lead to my conversion...

Thanks a lot mormonism! ( I refuse to capitalize that word!).


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