This thread is for sharing things in mormonism that have screwed you up in life. You state what it is, then say "Thanks, Mormonism!"



Whenever I find something that is so funny that I have a very deep and loud laugh and feel all is well with the world,  I suddenly remember those temple covenants about "loud laughter" and then feel bad for having a good laugh. Thanks, mormonism!


I'm still a virgin. Thanks, mormonism!


I can't enjoy coffee or tea without being reminded of the church. Thanks, mormonism!



That felt pretty good. Okay, your turn. ;)

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Hey, tattooing them on is more permanent than drawing them on with eye-brow pencil!

Awesome!  Masonic symbols might turn out to be the gateway tattoo.  Before you know it, they'll all want to flex a Nephi.

Having to dance the delicate dance of allowing my kids to be exposed to their religious heritage, and have the right to choose their level of participation, despite it's "radioactive" guilt production, while trying to be honest to myself, yet respectful of my family heritage - thanks Mormonism!

wow Tnsplyr, radioactive guilt prodution! I LOVE that analogy, it's the truth I still feel guilty about not following all the commandments and I mean the one's I don't even believe are right. I feel guilty about even making a decision what is right for me. FOR MYSELF.Why is that? Maybe because it's ingrained so deep that it's seed is rooted in the very fabric of my intellect?

 I feel it is a healthy choice to look at the whole picture then I have an acurate account of what I may be dealing with. A true perspective of what has been going on the last how ever many moon's one has been mormon. To look at just one side is like trying to know my hand and only looking at the back of it. I will only know part of it. There are some benefits to being brought up in a religious environment and there are also very negative ones. I won't deny either but this is about how it screwed up my life so I will concentrate on this post. The one that comes to mind is that all my family are TBM's everyone and that is just merry except that they treat me different since I believe differently also it is a never ending battle even at 46 years old to even make a decision without some interference based on LDS beliefs. It's all one sided with Mormons atleast I have  evidence of that since I have been a member which is all my life. Even my own daughter can't escape the cult They teach if a parent isn't following the "commandments" then it's the REST of the famillies DUTY to raise them right to literally step in. What this does is has one's family running one's life and parenting their children every chance they get. I have a completely unsupportive family ALL of them in any type of road I follow CAUSE I am doing wrong. So basically there is blame going both ways and pressure to change and set a BETTER example for my child. It is hard to look at this upbringing in a very POSITIVE light when so much CONTROL is being placed on me. I feel like I can't even breathe at times. They (mormons) do NOT respect boundary's BECAUSE they feel they are saving you and you're just screwing up. The worst of it tho is the fact that I KNOW they will never change so It's fruitless to even try. It just creates more stress. Thanx Mormanism :)

I'm a single sister who's soon to send in her resignation letter.  My favorite "comforting answer," which is given to single women when they can't find a nice mormon companion is: "Don't worry, Sister, if you can't find an eternal companion in this life, you will get one in the next life."  This is cold comfort when you're alone and lonely.  I got myself a very nice non-member guy, instead!  Thanks, Mormonism!

You go Jean!  Glad you stopped following the empty comforts of Mormonism.

My dad is staying with my mentally ill, cheating mother because they have a temple marriage and after the 2nd coming she will be "cured" and they'll have the all the happiness in the world, so he's MISERABLE now and had been for 10 years, Thanks mormonism!!!!

I get that dumb Primary song in my head now and again about Saturday is the Day to do everything before Sunday-- Thanks Mormonisim

I was a total outcast among Catholics growing up in my hometown AND had a good friend whose mom would not allow any sleepovers at my/her house because I was Mormon!!---Thanks Mormonisim

I met my awesome husband who cleaned up his act from an addiction to drugs for good to come to church to find a wonderful woman like me and after 12yrs we left hand in hand, otherwise I would have still been a miserable TBM and married a douche---thanks Mormonisim

I've been told my dad had to pay back tithes of the span of time of over 2yrs just to come to my temple wedding--Thanks Mormonisim

My firstborn got a chance to swim in the church baptismal font with his dad just months before we sent in our resignation letter--thanks Mormonisim

I got rid of all the brainwashing books/media and now have more space for my other books/media that I absolutely love--Thanks Mormonism

I don't feel so pretentious anymore when people come over that are not Mormons AND I don't get the monthly visitors or annoying phone calls from people who I didn't like anyways anymore--Thanks Mormonism

I usually cringe when I see people walking out of a church wearing white shirts/ties and dressy dresses mormon or not--Thanks Mormonism

I played the piano well as a youth however I was disliked  because I refused to play any hymnals or "sharing my talent" by way of the green hymnal that when I looked at the cover of the tabernacle pipes I always thought they looked like something else inappropriate LOLOLOL!!! --Thanks Mormonism



i was told NOT to pay back any back tithes that the lord just wants me to start where im at i guess that is another GOD changes his mind thingy

You should not worry about the virgin part too much ...... at least you live safely and no one can cheat on you or disappoint you or give you any unwanted stds or worse HIV;

I am 58 and by now know what the world is like and trust me, with a few rare exceptions, men are not worth the pain and even less the risk. There are not too many good men around .... and to be true, i dont think that mormonism with its past polygamous and sexist history turn men into the kind of men women would love to have as husbands and fathers to their children .... mind you, the rest of the men are not worth much either ..

Sounds like you made some bad decisions in your life to make you so jaded and sexist.  That's sad, really.  I bet you count yourself as one of the few good women around, but somehow I don't think most men (even the good ones :) would agree with you. 


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