This thread is for sharing things in mormonism that have screwed you up in life. You state what it is, then say "Thanks, Mormonism!"



Whenever I find something that is so funny that I have a very deep and loud laugh and feel all is well with the world,  I suddenly remember those temple covenants about "loud laughter" and then feel bad for having a good laugh. Thanks, mormonism!


I'm still a virgin. Thanks, mormonism!


I can't enjoy coffee or tea without being reminded of the church. Thanks, mormonism!



That felt pretty good. Okay, your turn. ;)

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LOL, man have we all been there Try Boy, gotta make you laugh though eh.

The bad:


I'm a 32-year-old virgin who can't fit in with the rest of society long enough to pass the "is she weird?" first-impression test. - Thanks mormonism!


My depression can't be treated with anti-depressants because 30 years without even OTC drugs means my body can't tolerate them. - Thanks mormonism!


I spent my 20's and part of my 30's raising my siblings, putting them through college, paying my mother's bills, supporting her hoarding habit, getting further and further in debt, and ignoring my own development because 'the family' is more important than anything on 'this earthly life'. - Thanks mormonism!


I still struggle to overcome my co-dependency, fear, and self-hate from years of abuse at the hands of mormon priesthood holders. - Thanks mormonism!


One of my sisters and I will forever be at each others' throats because of the judging and guilt tripping that I put on her as a result of my 'morally' judgmental mormon attitude. - Thanks mormonism!


The good:


I found some of the most awesome music I have ever loved while trying to avoid 'morally unacceptable' music. - Thanks mormonism!


I developed a love for science fiction to escape from my 'real world' and it still provides inestimable comfort today. - Thanks mormonism!


Best post I've seen in this thread.



Thanks.  It's a little blunt, but sometimes I just need to say it out loud and avoid the pretty packaging.  Thanks for providing a thread for this. It was a good idea.

No problem. Glad you like it. ^_^

I watched an amazing documentary about North America during the ice age and how humans were competing against the likes of the Dire Wolf and Sabertooth Cat. Then they mentioned horses and I automatically was reminded of the Book of Mormon and I couldn't really enjoy the rest of the documentary. Thanks, Mormonism!


I've been so blinded by what the church has taught me about its doctrines, history, and etc. that I became brainwashed and totally ignored other sources of information. This is perfect for them because they can manipulate the "truth" however they so wish and I'd just blindly believe it. So now when I do look at these other sources I feel like a total idiot. Thanks, Mormonism!


I spent much of my life trying to find the line drawn that showed what I can or can't do. And whenever I found where that line was, I spent lots of time figuring out how close I could get to that line without crossing. Because I really hated the "just avoid it altogether" teaching. For example, rated R movies. I mean, seriously? There were movies I loved, like The Last Samurai that I loved because it was such a beautiful film. But I managed to shrug it off in the name of faithfulness and obedience. And then people started saying that we should even start avoiding PG-13 movies. What the frak? Then video games because of their sex and violence. Okay, I was fine with that for a while because I mostly loved Mario games anyway. Then people started saying no video games altogether. Now you're starting to break my balls. Coffee? Tea? Well, I loved those cold Starbucks mocha frappacinos, and I was big on green tea. But okay, I'll stay away from those in the name of faithfulness and obedience, regardless of the scientific evidence pointing out all the healthy benefits. No to beer? That's fine, I don't like the taste of the stuff anyways. Wait, what's this now? Now you're saying no to drinking any caffeinated beverages? You know caffeine is merely there for flavor right? What's next, no to chocolate? You're breaking my balls man. All this dancing around the fine line of obedience caused me great stress because it never seemed to stay in one place. Thanks, Mormonism!


I developed a complex where I felt like I had to confess every single little thing I did wrong. The anxiety and terror would be there in my gut and I would spend all week having obsessive thoughts about it. I had to confess to the bishop! What was I gonna say? What was he gonna say? Why the hell should I even talk about this stuff to him? What will he think of me? No matter, he is the bishop! It's his job! Then one or two things would happen next: by the time I got into my routine interview with the bishop he would obviously be in a hurry and just follow the routine, asking questions and I'd answer them, then I'd be shown the door. Not remembering what I wanted to confess until the interview was over and I was already halfway home, thus beginning another week of torture. Or, I'd go in and confess, and I'd still feel very bad about the smallest little things. And since I felt so guilty, I felt like I had to be a drone and do everything I was told and volunteer for stuff, and thus the church had me wrapped around their finger. I was their fodder, and they ruled me by fear. Thanks, Mormonism!



I did not get to go to BYU to be brain washed some more because I had a beard - thanks Mormonisim

I got to meet Jean ( Brodie) on my mission - thanks Mormonisim

I never did nor would I have smoked or taken drugs - no thanks to Mormonisi

I would neverhave known the true feeling of guilt - thanks Mormonism

i would never have met some of my ture frends if i had not been in the church - thanks Mormonism

I would have had $1,000,000 dollars in my retierment fund - thanks for nothing Mormonisim


That last one was hilarious. But I guess we're all gonna burn at the last day because we don't pay tithing anymore.

Always watching my every move to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. Like playing religious Fear Factor. Haven't worn my garments in a month. Haven't had an affair, raped anyone or been stabbed in a nipple, navel or knee. The fear feels good when it falls off after years of being told I would have bad luck if I didn't watch every move. Thanks Mormonism!

"or been stabbed in a nipple"  LOL!!!  Yes, that's the first place one thinks of stabbing when robbing someone. Even though all the approved books say to stab lower.

Maybe modern revelation should move it down. Things change.

I've always kind of wanted to move back to Provo and open up a Tarot reading shop and call  it "Non-Patriarchal Blessings"  combined with a tattoo parlor that tattoos those Masonic garment symbols directly on your flesh so the women can wear sexy undies and still be magically protected.   (And then the locals come after me with pitchforks and flaming pikes!!)


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