My husband and I are cancelling our cable tv in hopes to trim the expenses even more while I'm out of work. With high speed internet we seem to be able to access almost anything we'd want to watch, including numerous news programs from all over the world, without the annoying commercial interruptions. We also get Netflix and can watch movies instantly on our computer and he's planning on hooking up an old computer to the tv so we can watch HULU streaming video on our big screen.


One of the frequent diversions we both enjoy are the TED talks. Almost every one of them turns out to be so interesting, informative, positive and gives me great hope that human beings have the potential to solve our own problems, correct wrongs, repair the massive damage we've done to the planet, and figure out how to get along.


Watching network news gives me none of that so I've tried to be more selective in what negative defeating divisive information I let permeate my home. I don't want to be ill informed or live in a suggary buble like my LDS mother, never noticing or learning anything that doesn't "Edify", but I also don't want to be the opposite of that and listen to talk radio and the negative bickering petty crap that comes from those sources, even MSNBC, the so called liberal bastion on the other side of the Right.


Do any of you folks watch TED and what are some of your favorite talks?




I'm also really thrilled by products that help humans live better, cleaner, more efficient lives and take up less resources on our planet. I saw this bike and was blown away at it's applications. yikebike


Stuff like is featured on this site really give me hope that humans can make the world a better place if we foster the creativity, innovation, and ingenuity that abounds. cyclingresources

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I love TED talks. There are too many great ones to list off. I subscribe to their youtube channel and try to watch a couple each month but don't watch all of them. Great stuff! I'll have to check out that yikebike. Looks interesting.
Love Rachel Maddow! I think Lionel (on Air America) is hilarious. You need a side of humor with your news!
Hey, I get all my political news from Rachel Maddow and the Daily Show as well as Colbert. When I am in a pissy mood I will suffer through a bit of Kieth Olberman but sometimes he's not that far off of the O'Reilly's and Becks when it comes to using petty manipulative tactics to bully the information. I appreciate just straight news without the commentary. If I were gay, I'd totally DO Rachel Maddow. I love smart people.

The TED talks just cover so many varied subjects. I love how positive and optomistic all the contributors are and how incredibly brilliant their ideas and plans turn out to be. These are the people who in spite of terrible leadership, horrific poverty, world wars, famine, disease, economic disaster they come up with REAL IDEAS to solve our problems. They go about doing and creating instead of tearing down and bungling progress. It gives me great hope for our flawed species that we can solve and improve our messed up existence.


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