Survey: Which online exmo forums or communities do you currently use/frequent?

Please reply and list the online exmormon communities you currently frequent as found below.  Please also indicate which one you favor/use the most.  If there are other communities that I have failed to list, feel free to ad them.

Again, if you use an online forum or community that I have not listed, and that is geared primarily for ex-Mormons, please include it in your reply.

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Here are mine:

Life After Mormonism (spend most time here)

Postmormon (occasional lurking and posting)

Reddit/r/exmormon (occasional lurking and a rare post)

FLAK (no lurking but a rare post to announce something)

ExmormonForums (no lurking but a rare post to announce something)

NewOrderMormons (no lurking but a rare post to announce something) and

Reddit (favorite) and LAM.

I'm only using LAM and exmormon yahoo list.

Will check out bc of recommendation above.

BIG thanks everyone who continues to speak their truth.

If you are referring to my post in paranthensies, that wasn't a recommendation, that is what the call themselves.  Whether it is merited or not is a mater of pespectibe.
Thanks for the links linus!
I like all of those plus, I like facebook's postmormon group.
I want to point out a little more, they do the ex-mormon conference. I've wanted to go to one since I've left and this year may be the year I can go. I really appreciate what they do!

Mostly Reddit and occasionally LAM. is the only forum I go to now and to be honest seldom. It has nothing to do with the people or forum here, but after what I went through with Eric and Steve Benson at RfM I'm mostly burned out with Ex-Mormons. I even have lost most interest in the subject of Mormonism for the most part.
Again let me state my feelings have nothing to do with anyone here or anything done here.


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