Survey: Is LAM's privacy influential in deciding to join, stay or leave?

In exploring how to be a more accessible community to those leaving and recovering from Mormonism, I would appreciate your feedback on whether Life After Mormonism (LAM) being a private community (only main page can be viewed without registration) had any influence on deciding to register (positive or negative).  Originally the site was made private to encourage those looking for place safe from malicious lurkers, but has not been determined whether that has actually been achieved.  Please take a moment to respond to the 3 questions below as I consider moving LAM back into the public domain to reach a wider audience, while maintaining the options for you to make your profiles, photos, videos, and blogs private, essentially making it possible for people to lurk in the forum without having to register.

  1. Did LAM being a "private community" factor into your decision to join?  Please explain if yes.
  2. Understanding that you still maintain control over the privacy of your profile, photos, videos and blogs, would you have any objections to LAM moving back to a public forum?  Please explain if yes.
  3. Would returning to a public forum cause you to leave LAM?

Other considerations as you contemplate these questions and this possible direction for LAM:

Currently, anyone can register on LAM so long as they have a valid email and can answer the quiz and captcha correctly under any anonymous name they want, thus making detection of malicious lurkers difficult even now, but has not been a problem so far.  Going to a public forum would not change this and the house rule of personal respect would continue to be enforced as it is now, suspending any users who become repeat offenders (has only had to happen once so far).  Your profile privacy can be set to Anyone, Members Only (registered users), or Just My Friends.  Pictures, videos and blogs can also be set to Just My Friends, or even Just Me to keep privacy protected there, or to have private discussions with just your friends.  The Chat room will continue to require registration to both lurk and post.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, or to share any additional comments (positive or negative) regarding LAM returning to a public forum.


Edit 4/3/2011: Resurrecting this tread as I am reconsidering the direction of a mixed public/private community.  If you haven't responded previously, please feel free to make your opinion known now.


Edit 4/9/2011: LAM will become a mixed public/private community with each user being responsible to set their profiles, and content to private if so desired.  This change goes into affect 4/24/2011.  More details here:

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Public is fine with me. Let's encourage all to leave Mormonism that we can. Why limit things unless you want to control lurkers and trouble makers and people who want to crash the site. It probably makes it more difficult for the moderator(s) so I kind of think it should be their decision.



So far moderation has been relatively light and unnecessary.  We can recruit more moderators if the need were ever to arise.

1. no

2. no

3. no


I want to correct my earlier post...where I said, " The idea that anyone could do a simple Google search and read what I was discussing and, worse, respond to it makes me angry"...I meant to say "The idea that anyone could do a simple Google search and read what I was discussing and, worse, respond to it makes me nervous."  I don't think it was a Freudian slip, just a tired brain.  LOL
No worries sallyforth!  It happens to all of us.
being the first one to post and now reading down to the last post so far, all in one go, it is very insightful to me as to the "grip" TSCC still has on many and I find that sad. Yes, leaving affects more than just the leaver, and it caused a lot of heartache in my own case, but at the end of the day I HAD TO do what was right for ME. Living a lie, no matter how big or small was and still is, NOT an option. I came to this site actually not even knowing (yeah, maybe I am technologically challenged) whether it was private/public - I have a policy that I do not post anything I would not want the world to know. What I believe, is who I am and I am not ashamed of that. Good luck with the choice you make Mikeutah. What is that saying "you can please some of the people some of the......"??? lol  Maybe lurking "sows a seed" and is not such a bad idea....

I don't have a problem with a public or closed forum.  I initially had my actual name & photo on display, but realized that was a bad idea.


I don't need employers or clients doing research on me & finding my posts here.  I could care less about the Mormon church, but I prefer to keep my personal life private.


My Facebook page is chock full o' Mormons, so I never post anything religious there. 


It's kind of weird to have these zones in my life that I try to keep separate.


This site seems to be taking off - I'll have to spend some more time here.


Good work Mike!

For me, it didn't matter either way.  I have no concerns about any and all of my thoughts, expressions, information, being viewed over the internet.  And, also, I don't mind having  lurkers see what I'm saying, b/c, I have no idea if them being able to view my opinions, and others, might help them.  I'm a huge fan of not censoring, but I totally understand if people want a safe place to express their authentic voices, without concern of being blasted or judged by outsiders.  We had enough of that in being a part of the mormon church.  Many people might want a refuge from that type of outside censorship.


I think I just answered for it being pro and con..LOL. )  

I suppose I'm okay with either way happening.


Maly (swings both ways in more than one way ) Sinclair ;0

I'm not a fan of censoring at all.  That's why the only enforced rule is personal respect.  You can share any opinion you want so long as it is not personally directed at another user.  As learning rational adults, we should be able to make our case and arguments without such childish tactics.
 #1 no, #2 No, #3 No. Iam cool with the changes. Maybe more will get interested.It is not like we are hiding anything.

1. Originally

2. No

3. No

At this point in my life I have no problem with LAM going public.  I think it is important to note, however that this forum can be a great place for people that haven't "officially" left the church and/or still live with active families.  I originally used this forum to ask questions in confidence knowing that I would be getting answers from people that wouldn't judge or care if what I said was contradictory to what the church says. 

Having said that, I used a pseudo name anyways, so I guess it didn't really matter, my bad.

In that same respect I don't think the fact that it was "private" made any difference if somebody actually wanted to argue/convert on here.  Fake names are easy enough to create.

Anyways, I say go public, the more information is available in this world, the better things are and the faster truth is found.

1. Yes.  My immediate and extended family are still too assimilated to allow me to be flippant in my disaffection.

2. No.  With those controls I am fine with the proposal.

3. No. Not at this point.


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