Let's face it, life as an exmo, especially a recent exmo, can be stressful. Even long time exmos, if they never really worked through the emotional trauma that Mormonism can cause, can experince stress related to being an exmo years later. We commonly have to deal with a spouse, our family, perhaps a boss, sometimes old local leaders, and often are still have many believing members that are part of our life socially or in our community that we interact with.

All of this can lead to stress. I'm curious, what is it people do to relieve stress related to being an exmo?

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LOUD LAUGHTER.... evil speaking of the Lord's anointed... and taking the Lord's name in vain!
A new study indicates laughter may also lead to insight.  http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=laughter-leads-to-...

It's true, you laugh to keep from crying. (although sometimes you do just sit down and cry) but i try to follow Monty Python and "always look on the bright side of life, do do dodo dodo dodo, life's a piece a piece of shit, when you look at it.... so always look on the bright side of life"

although, sometimes you can't laugh in the moment, since your laughter may be poorly received, in which case take three deep breaths, (completely filling and empting your lungs as slowly as possible) and remember that 'this too shall pass'



I don't remember my mom or dad ever indicating I shouldn't cry.  Maybe that's why I do it a lot.  I cry when reading or hearing or watching an emotional story. 

I even cry in some movies I don't like.  I can be bored, irritated or disgusted with most of the movie, but if it has a happy ending, I'll shed some tears.  On the movie sites I frequent, there will periodically be a guy that will ask how many males cry in movies, or make a poll that asks how often males do it.  The majority say they very seldom do, and quite a few say they never do.  I'm always proud to say I do most of the time.

LOL love it! That reminds me of how I don't miss wearing garments in the Texas summer heat!! 

And they've got those things cutting off their circulation and driving them batty!! haha!

Thanks for the responses everyone. CreativeBliss, you are right, laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for sharing that video. 

When I need stress relief, I often head out into nature. I went to one of my favorite spots and camped last night with my kids and a friend. Even with all the hassle of camping with kids, just being away from the city lights and being able to look up at the stars and breathe in the air was just what I needed to help me recharge.

If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay.  Quickly turn it upside and SMILE that frown away! 

Lots of masturbation and sex with my girlfriend, sometimes with others, and sometimes in groups. Sex is a GREAT stress-reliever!
I walk my dogs or play with them if it's too hot outside. They get happy, I get happy, we all get some exercise and usually something happens that makes me laugh a little. There's nothing quite as inspiring as the chihuahua around the corner trying to chase my dane off 'her' sidewalk.
I sleep in on Sundays and spend time reading good philosophy/literature books, write the occasional poem, and tinker with Legos.


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