On Fathers Day my kids were over and we had a great conversation and one of my daughters made fun of me on facebook saying that my dad said he has no friends because he was a mormon.Well in our discussions I mentioned that I didnt have a best friend or someone to talk to that I felt close too who understands me.I let them know that they are lucky to have good close friends,she took it and put a post online and I first got hurt but then realized this was the best thing that could happen.My children were under the age of baptism when I left and I made sure they didnt get to that point even with all the familys expectations.I realized my kids didnt understand the things a mormon in calif has to go threw, they stick out,are made fun of,teased behind their backs and cant really do what others are doing to fit in.I was so happy they didnt have to go threw the labels and being judged.I stopped the next generation from the circle of insanity.I made sure my kids realized that if we rasied them the way we were raised they most likely would only be close to the mormon kids,and probsably wouldnt have the friends they have now and to look at who their friends would be and they got it.One of my daughters has a friend whos mormon and she is avoiding my daughter and her friends because of the pressure to not be influenced,so she understood more of where she was coming from.Over all Im glad they were raised with an open mind and feel comfortable having an opinion,and most of all Im happy that I was able to see the rewards of jumping out of the box.Just thought Id share and see if you all have had the same experience.Peace and Love..

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Well done, you should be very proud!


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