I resigned from the church in 2008. I immediately began to search for another church to attend.

As time goes by, I feel less and less compelled to "find a church". I'm beginning to see myself as much more of a spiritual person than a religious person.

At the same time, I find that I'm becoming increasingly comfortable with just being me without "belonging" to any particular group.

I think there is so much out there that we don't understand and one group/religion can't possibly have all the answers. In fact, I'm seeing that religious groups often do more harm than good by excluding knowledge and limiting the minds and hearts of their members.

I like the way I'm evolving, I just wish I could have been where I'm at now 10 years ago.

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I believe you are om the rigth tract. After 5 years of religious study at York University it is obvious that religion is man made.Hear a couple of my thoughts that I came up with while searching for answers.
Religion and Magic – Religion is a combination of magical practices. Magic can be divided into illusion, mentalist, and hypnotism an illusionist uses props, whether human or inanimate, to create the illusion that immediately seems to occur. A good example of this is Exodus 7 when Aaron’s rod becomes a serpent. The Egyptian priest repeats the miracle. A mentalist controls his audiences’ thoughts and a hypnotist controls his audiences’ actions. A church will use icons, religious symbolisms, oaths, covenants. rituals such as cleansing along with incantation in the forms of repetitions of prayers, hymns, sermons, repetitive dialogs and appeal to the masses which are techniques the mentalist and hypnotist uses. The magic uses his talents to entertain and acknowledges that it is all a trick. The priest makes it into a miracle from his god to enable them to control the masses. Magic and miracles are simply science that we do not understand.

Becoming a Spiritual Person without a god - One has to recognize the potential of another, even when they are at their lowest point, and help them to achieve it. Start with yourself by lending the helping hand. As you help others you begin to grow and expand in your capabilities. If you only dwell apron your needs and lack thereof you begin to shrink until you become a black hole. There are some, like Charles Mansion, that are mentally ill, and dangerous to others. With them we can only show enough compassion to stop them from doing harm to others by using the means the law allows.
I have more but that will do for a start. If you are interested in my jorney I will send it to you.It is 11 pages long.
After leaving, I didn't really feel the need to look for another religion either, as I left with an intuitive knowing that no religion has much of the truth and that none of them will be able to unite humanity under one banner. I still consider myself "spiritual but not religious". I like the path of One, my own.


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