will be joining thousands of other websites, including Reddit, Wikipedia, and others in going black for a period of time to protest SOPA and PIPA, two bills going through the House and Senate to try and censor websites without court orders.  LAM will be down from 8am to 6pm MST on January 18th to participate in this protest.  It is hoped that this will raise further awareness and motivate more people to contact their congressional representatives to vote these bills down.

More information about SOPA/PIPA blackout protest:

Petition against SOPA/PIPA

I regret that these lengths seem a last recourse to protect the internet as we currently know it.  Please consider contacting your representatives in protest of these bills.


LAM Founder and Administrator 

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Replies to This Discussion is not a trustworthy organization. There are several articles on the Net about their shady dealings. is not the only site doing this strike.  There are thousands of sites participating.  You can get a pretty good list here:

I hope so.  I am pretty sure SOPA is already dead, but PIPA is not, and is essentially the same bill.

Like he vetoed the NDAA? I would be really happy if he vetoed both, I hope he does.

The senate will bring PIPA to the floor next week and SOPA proponents are expected to revive the debate in early February. 

We've lost many freedoms since 9/11 and this would be the biggest one of all. The consequences would be lasting.

Yea -- great that "we" are participating in this!

I like that LAM is protesting.

I read that individuals could protest by staying off the net, so that's what I did yesterday.  Don't know, but hope it helped.

I thought my congressional representatives would be against PIPA & sopa, but it looks like some are wishy-washy about them, so I'll have to give them my 2 pesos worth.

Contacted my congressional representatives and gave them my viewpoint.  Now patting myself on the back.

They have set the wheels in motion to restrict the internet, we all know that the internet is probably one of the only places where free speech and thoughts are allowed, where you can access so much info, mainstream and alternative. Its all about control. they only want you to read what they want. Fortunately the many many millions of users are protesting about this. Its not about the piracy, its about control and complete takeover of what content they want us to read. And in the case of Wikileaks, we now know what shocking lies and crimes they tried to conceal. 

The arrogance of the United States authorities is incredible. Those using file-sharing sites (including Megaupload) are not all doing so illegally. By shutting down Megaupload they will not only have wiped out all the illegal uploads, but millions of legal ones too. Anybody who has lost their own personal material that they uploaded to Megaupload so it could be shared should sue the U.S. government for compensation.

US government euphemisms.... Extraordinary rendition = Kidnapping.... Enhanced Interrogation = Torture.... Expedite with extreme prejudice = Assassination....says a great deal. Now even us non-US citizens, anywhere in the world can be renditioned and subjected to "justice" in a foreign land, by a country that has decided to become the internet "police" of the world.

And to think that Romney and the others are beating the drums of war, against Iran now. God, what bloody future we can look forward to?


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