Last night my 11 year old son woke up crying with an earache and wanted me to give him a blessing. What do I do? I'm a non-believer but haven't left the church yet, but obviously i don't believe in priesthood power. My children don't know yet. Do i just give him one like i've always done, or tell him the truth? In the moment i don't think he wanted to hear the truth, he just wanted the pain to stop. Amazingly, my wife (who is a TBM) used Hydrogen Peroxide in his ear and the pain went away. Thank you, science. Anyway, it was a tense moment and I want to be prepared for next time. Any comments or anybody that has experienced this before?

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Like your wife, I'd try science first. Then the doctors. I'd try to avoid conflict when my kid is in need of comfort and care. Bringing up religion when someone is not of sound mind/body is a bad idea imo.

My thinking too.

I'm always surprised when I hear these stories.  Not because there's anything wrong with your previous approach.  Just because when I was a true blue active mormon mom, I used my nursing skills, or took my kids to the doctor.  It just never occurred to me to get my husband or dad to give my kids a blessing.  I wonder what they would have thought about modern science?  Now, having said that, I'm a universalist Christian who has no problem with people who want to pray about things. But the blessing thing, well, I'd say get him used to doing other things like going to the doctor.  That's what they are for.

Have ya notices that when the people that will heal the sick need to pull the plug out of the tub to get the water out.  Moses did it with his staff and made water come out of the ground.  And he parted the Red Sea so the Hebrews could alk across on dry land.  But these guys cannot even part the tub!  When faced with realities they have to"Pull the plug".  Soom we will have Ernest Angly and Jimmy Swaggart in the LDS Church and sell tapes and vids of them giving blessings to idiots in General Conference!   They raise ther hand, smack you upside yo damned haed and say "IN THE NAYUM OF JAYZUS!'  ...and not a damn thing that has not been planned or set up in advance will happen.   They will enter the stage on crutches and decomposed bodies and when they get behind he podium lightening will strike out of a clear ceiling and they will throw the crutches down and give tithing to the Church cfor all to see.  The dead guy will just stay dead and they will scurry him off to be counciled by Paul H. Dunn or the Navajo GA that got dismissed because he did not remember why he was actually there.

At least they are not Oral Roberts and see 90 foot Jesus's telling them he needs money.... so far.  ...who da hell would name their damned kid "Oral"?  And a boy at that!  I hope ta hell it was not a nickname.

That blessing thing if you place it in other settings will make you roll on the floor laughing yourself right into a Malox Moment.  Blessings are a load of fertilizer.  I believe in Christ personally.  Its his damned followers that scare the ba-jesus outta me.

In the name of Jim and Tamy Baker, AMEYUN! 


uh, thanks? 

Don you crack me up!

I feel very deeply that they have worked so hard to be "The Quorum of the 12 Embaciles" , The Profit, as well as The First Pluracy, that  I would feel guilty if I did not give them what they worked for fer so lawng.

These guys have so many people duped that they speak to God as you would the mailman or your friends that it is a crying ass shame.  If you take something that fits in one scenario, transfer it to another scenario and it does not fit in the new scenario, does not fit in either scenario.    In other words, they are an insurance co(n)mpany with regional presidents, 12 divisions watched over by an old man that uses guilt as a motivator only because he cannot reach the cattle prod, then someone needs to say. HEY, stop the damned parade cause the emperor has no damned clothes on... not a stich, a neked jaybird!"  Public ridicule is a useful tool and I have no problem "tooling" these self appointed bobble headed used car salesmen that appoint each other by the gift and power of any damned thing they can make you believe in.  They could find a freaking rock in the desert and have it revealed to them that it was the JS Urim and Thummim...and the Church would follow them.  They did with the false translation of the Book of Abraham, and no one batted an eye.

And soon that urin and thumpin thing will change as well.  We don't change the truth, we just view it from an inspired angle.   Soon these precious tuths (spit) will change as well.  Its funny, our highest sacrament was a movie!  ...and that was changed as well.    No more throat cutting and bowel gushing!  Damned, what a let down cause that was my favorite part. I feel cheated of the blessing.  Well, all I have to say is "Pay Lay Ail". 

Hang them out to dry.  They just want the premiums for the Heaven Policy.    Keep your 10%, pay your bills and see how much better you do.  Now, THAT is a blessing of common sense.

I say this in the name of toothpaste that keeps your smile white, 

Don in Vegas

Blessings used to be pretty big in my house.  They are still important to my wife.  But when I finally decided I could no longer pretend to believe, I held sort of a family meeting where I told the kids all my true feelings about the church (my wife already knew by that point).  At that time I told them that I would no longer be providing any priesthood blessings as I no longer believed in the priesthood.  I also told them that I would not be offended if they wanted to call a home teacher to come over to provide a blessing.  Since that time, I was only asked once by my youngest son (9 yrs old) to give a blessing - I just gently reminded him of what I had communicated before and just reaffirmed that I loved him - he seemed fine with it.  Now none of the kids even seem interested in priesthood blessings, so no longer seems to be an issue for me.

I definitely encourage telling the truth (but timing is always important - the night your son was suffering was probably not the right moment).  Good luck.

thanks j dub. seems reasonable to me. i appreciate the advice.

I'd have a talk with him and share truths.  One truth is that one person placing their hands on someone and saying things does not change reality.  And it does not work.  If it did no one would be sick in the least.  There would be no cancer and no earaches.  We would be using garments over our faces and bodies in the event of a nuclear exchange to fend of radiation and the fireball.  It sure did them good in Japan when they had the nuke problems.....   All that can be done is to medicate it.  Just because Jesus Christ hasa record of healing the sick and raising the dead does not mean that his followers can.  Most of the people that think they can are the very same people that could not set their VCR time or set it to pre-record shows.  ...but you feed them some emotion and they can all of the sudden heal the sick and suspend common sense, the power of the priesthood of course.

Explain issues of the inner ear, and pressure.  He'll understand that.  When logic takes over the "organised superstition" will ebate.

I say this in the sacred and timeless name of Timex, Amen.


As for next time, try the science and doctor approach and say a prayer with him if he'd like.

I never understood this mentality either. My mom and sister are intense TBM and my sister is having a really hard time finding a job even though she just graduated from nursing school because she is so diehard mormon and wierd on top of it, she turns everyone off the minute they meet her. My mom's answer is "she should get another blessing". Um, no Mom, its not helping. She should get some counseling in job skills and people skills and learning how to get along with others.

But anything logical is thrown out the window if we can't blame it all on God and fix it with more church attendance and a blessing!!

When I was a TBM I just made it a point to let my kids know that they could always come to me for a blessing whenever they felt they needed one, no matter what it was for. So that's why I'm I asked and why I'm so torn about it now. I don't believe in the laying on of hands anymore, but I sure did for a long, long time.


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