This statement is taken from I grew bored and decided to branch out from my normal research.


In states with a high concentration of Mormon Churches, non-Mormon boys who want to participate in Boy Scout activities often must join the Mormon Church sponsored group. In these areas the Boy Scout troops become important recruiting prospects for the church. Because the Boy Scouts have a “God and Country” award for those performing their duties well, it connects Scouts with a religion, and thus Scout programs become also an important proselytizing and indoctrination tool for the church.


The site above shows backing for what was quoted. It is a rather interesting read, mostly because my own experiences with the BSA began my path to question everything about the world of Creationism.


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There's a Penn and Teller "Bullshit" episode about the Mormon Morg's stranglehold on the BSA.  "Bullshit" is really the name of the series.  It's on Showtime.  Penn Jillette is a mover and shaker in the atheist community and blasts the BSA for it's religious intolerance.


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