Okay, going out on a limb here and hoping this will generate some fun.

No judgments will be made (just a snicker or giggle)

........... and I can't wait to hear all the fun comments.

I'll go first.

Since ditching the "G's"; joseph jammies or garments....

I love wearing french cut undies and bikini panties. Haven't tried a thong...can't stand wedgies!

(Google it if you don't know what I mean.)

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I have gravitated towards briefs as being the best match for comfort and support for myself. I sometimes wear boxer-briefs too. Boxers are too uncomfortable.
I like the briefs and boxer briefs personally. I don't like the boys bouncing around and get tapped now and then.
None. (except at certain times of the month) I can't stand any of them at all. When I still attend the occasional church activity with DS, I consider it my silent "FUCKYOU" to the church. :)
ha! I did that once also towards the end of my membership. I wore a black thong and black bra to a temple wedding. Not that I ever really wore garments anyways...I always thought they were a way to keep women looking frumpy.
Boxers all the way. And none of them are WHITE. I love letting the boys bounce around and breath.
I do have a pair of red bikini briefs I wear now and then, but the boys get claustrophobic and start to complain.
Nothing at all is what I wear. Underwear reminds so much of Mormonism I just can't wear any.


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