We were third generation LDS on my dad's side, Irish Catholic originally. I've been a skeptic since I was about 9 yrs old when I wanted to bring my little black friend to church. After all, she'd taken me to vacation Bible school where - get this - I saw my first picture of Jesus and had to ask who it was. I don't remember hearing a lot about Jesus as a child. At any rate, my father said no because she wouldn't feel comfortable there. I asked why not and got the dumb Cain story and said "That's just stupid. Why would God be mad at Elnora for something some dumb guy did at the beginning of time?" No answer.

Then there was the polygamy thing, the artifacts thing, but what broke the back was the gay thing. My second husband was gay and so is my youngest son, nobody in my extended family is gay in the three generations I'm most familiar with. So I think there's a genetic link, I also know it was my third son and a very troubled pregnancy. A study at the U of Colorado Medical Center found a much elevated percentage of gay sons born to mothers who'd had three or four boys, higher if the pregnancy was troubled. Low testosterone levels.

So I have been called into more than one Bishop's office for trying to educate members about homosexuality. Finally, the day they read the letter aloud in Sacrament meeting in 2008 that asked us to give extra, over and above the 10% for the big Prop 8 fight, then to go to CA and work door to door to fight gay marriage, I stood up and loudly said "This is bullshit!" and walked out.

My Bishop is a good guy and he was miserable, but he absolutely refused to put me through court. I'd had a tough life and he well knew it, so I haven't bothered to send in a letter or anything yet but think I should.

I'm divorced since 2008 (heh), and have been living with a man I grew up with from a very small town in CO. He thinks I hung the moon, and I can't believe how very good he is, Catholic upbringing and all.

I now attend the Catholic Church because of its beginnings, I love the ceremony and the spirit I feel there. It makes me feel connected to Christ in a way I never did. And I cannot tell you how much more spiritual it feels to not be worrying about my RS or Primary lesson, so-and-so's going to be so smug because I don't feel I gave it my all. Never enjoyed all the pressure of church, loved working in Compassionate Serivice in RS Presidency with single mothers.

My best girlfriend is also Catholic; while my son was in Iraq I was so comforted by the rosary she sent and her instructions to pray to Mother Mary for God to intercede and keep my son safe. Somebody did, because he should have died but yet is only blind.

I've always felt the Mormon church gives women a really bad break and praying to Mother Mary made more sense to me than praying to some forbidding old man. So here I am,, pushing 60 and happier than I've ever been.

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Thanks for sharing Eilish!  Love the part of you yelling "bullshit" and walking out.  Way to call them out and take your party with you. 

It felt giddily wonderful to finally say what I really felt. Thanks.

Good for you!!!!!!.  I don't hear a lot of stories from people your generation leaving the church.  It must have been hard to let go of so many years of indoctrination.


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