By Peggy Fletcher Stack
Published on Apr 27, 2011 09:30AM

The LDS Church does not view its women as inferior to men in any way, the faith's PR director, Michael Otterson, wrote in a Washington Post column last week.

Nor does the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints treat them that way, Otterson said, after polling three high-placed and educated Mormon women on the question of gender equity in the global faith.

The women, whom Otterson did not name, pointed out that women pray, preach and preside over their own organizations in LDS wards. Plus, church-owned Brigham Young University graduates more women than men.

In Mormon theology, men and women are "equal halves of a divine pair and equal partners in his work, which includes raising a family," the women told the public-relations official. "And men and women need one another to return to live with God."

Finally, Otterson wrote, "everyone, male and female, adult and child, has equal and direct access to God through prayer for inspiration, personal guidance and forgiveness of sins."

But Otterson left out some key facts in his celebration of Mormon women and their leadership options, says Jana Riess, including this big one: Women do not have the priesthood.

He also didn't note that a Mormon woman "cannot preside over a sacrament meeting, be called as a mission president, seek ecclesiastical forgiveness from another woman, serve as a ward Sunday School president, teach institute while she has children at home, or pray to her Mother in Heaven," Riess writes.

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True control over a group of people must include the subjugation of women if it intends to maintain its control. Women are the key, because they are responsible for the next generation of tithe paying members, and if they get busy with career and calling, they will not be able to function as a brood mare for the church's finances.

We can learn a lot by studying Islam and what they do to their women. Is this the way we want to go? I sincerely think that teaching women was the church teaches them is evil, and immoral.

Their own motherly instincts and love of family are being used against them to keep them in line, in the most shameless and explicit terms. All the worse, these women are glad of their slavery, having been programmed from birth to accept it, and to question their own worthiness always, lest they should wake up and begin questioning the system that is the very cause of their misery. There is nothing more evil, than a slave who is glad of her chains, other than the perpetrators who raised them to think thusly.


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