With all the new members joining, it may be a good idea for me to point out some of the site features.

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FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions here

Site Features
You can customize the layout of your "My Page" profile and decide how much of your recent posts to display.
  • Friends List
You can add friends and then post pictures, videos and blogs, and control whether they are viewable to all members, just your friends, or just yourself.
Track the latest happenings on the community "latest activity" feed, or those of your friends and community members by visiting their profile page.
  • Media Sharing
Photos and Videos can be posted in dedicated libraries or embedded directly into forum, blog, and comment posts.  You can also upload full albums and then share or embed slide shows in community posts or on your blog.
  • Comment Walls
You can leave comments on any public posts, profiles, or those of your friends.
Plan and share your own events, birthdays, CALM activities, meetups, or parties to share with your groups and friends.
There's a live chat window at the bottom of every page, or you can click "Chat" on the menu bar to view a larger version of the chat window. You can right-click on members who are signed into chat to start a private discussion.  Chat can also be popped out into it's own window.
  • Easy Navigation
Use the static menu bar at the top of every page browse all areas of the community: Members, Media, Community Forums, Chat, Events, Groups, Blogs, and more.
  • Social Media Sharing
You can easily share and "like" links through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ integration on every page.
We leave privacy up to you.  Share as much or as little as you want on your profile and in the community.  You can change the visibility of your profile from Public, to Members only, or to just those you add as friends.  Blogs, Photos and Videos can also be shared with anyone, just your friends, or just yourself.  There are also private sub-forums where you can post and share with registered users only.
Looking for a meetup group in your area?  Browse our sub-community groups or start your own.  Then search for members in your area to friend and invite to local meetups, hangouts and more.
  • Self Moderating Community
Don't like the direction your blog or forum post turned?  You can close forum threads you begin, or moderate comments on your Blog.  We also entrust community members to respect each other and to resolve differences as mature adults as much as possible, and only engage in forum moderation in extraneous cases as reported by community members to the admin team and failure of a member to comply with house rules.

Thank you for visiting LifeAfterMormonism.net.  It is our hope as a community that you will enjoy and benefit from your visit and involvement here.

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Thanks Micah. This sight is great.
How do I add my picture to the site?
Go to the Edit Profile settings either from the "My Profile" menu at the top (hover mouse and then click "Edit Profile", or by clicking Settings near the top right. Then you can change your profile picture and other information if desired.
Wwell I change my profile but still can not change the scenery to my picture
You need to click "Choose File" and then browse to a new picture. Be sure to click "Save" at the very bottom when complete.
Thank you for working so hard to put this website together. If your intent is truly good, I hope you reach your desired outcome. I look forward to interacting with you.
You're welcome Maiden! Glad to have you aboard. Enjoy the site and community.
Why do I sometimes hear a chirping noise while signed into LAM?

This chirping, beeping or whistling sound (depending on how you would describe it) is coming from the chat room and occurs anytime a new post is submitted. You can pull up the chat window from the bottom of any page (click on "Life After Mormonism Chat | # Online"). You are automatically signed into chat upon logging into or registering on LAM. You can pull up the chat application from the bottom of any page or by going clicking "Chat" on the menu bar. From the chat application, you can participate in the public chat, or invite other members to a private chat. You can also mute(speaker icon) or "Go Offline"(green dot/peep icon) from chat here to silence the "chirp". If you sign out of chat, you will remain signed into LAM but will no longer be able to participate or view the chat discussion. Note: If you don't hear the chirp when others post in the chat room, be sure that your sound is enabled, and that your volume is adjusted appropriately.
Any discussion you start or reply to is added to "Your Discussions" under your profile, but there doesn't appear to be a "Favorites" option on discussions as there is for movies and photos.
Micah, I'm having trouble getting into the chat room.  Can you help?  I've read the instructions, and my lithium controlled brain isn't following.
You can enter chat from various locations: "Chat" on the menu bar under the header/logo, "Chat" from the Easy Nav Links near the top right of any page, or from the Chat pull-up bar at the bottom of every page (click "Life After Mormonism Chat | # Online"), or just click this link: http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/chat.  If you still can't see the chat application after any of the above attempts, you likely need to install the Adobe Flash plugin which can be done from this link: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
My Mac doesn't have the  chat pull up bar, and nothing changed since installing the Adobe Flash whatever you gave me.  Don't worry anymore about it.  I don't need to be chatting anyhow.


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