Since you left the mormon church, what do you do on Sundays ? 


 - do you attend another religion ?

 - do you hang out at the bars ?

 - do you go shopping ?


 Please, no need for the "Kiss & tell" stories.

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We sometimes go shopping. We don't go to any other church. Occasionally we go visit family or friends. Hang out at home, go for drives, be together as a family.
Well, football season is now over but spring is on the way! I dont attend any other church or religion, I feel that I'm an Atheist so I'm not into any of the religion stuff. My Sundays are spent in how I want to spend them and I feel no guilt in this. I do enjoy the outdoors, going for a hike, horseback ride or the like.
Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss was excellent as well... :) I'll have to read "Messages of the Masters"... I always believed in reincarnation and living many lives before I read the book.... It helped confirm, for me, what I already felt... :)

I usually spend Sundays with my family, or recuperating from the night before... ;)
Sunday Funday! I usually get outside and do something active and fun with friends.
I sleep in and spend time with my kids and friends. If we feel like it, we do something outdoors. It's amazing what an actual day of rest gives to prepare for a busy week.
Sleep in, have breakfast at a little cafe. Enjoy driving to do errands on the deserted streets (I live in S. Utah). Basically, I do whatever I want.. life is good.
We sleep late most Sundays. We frequently have lunch or supper with my wife's father. I watched football all season this year, which I had rarely done when I was active in the church. We don't have a specific "purpose" for Sunday, but it generally is slower and less structured than the rest of the week. We'll shop if we need to. We also pretty frequently telephone distant family members or even occasionally write letters.
I usually go out and about, riding buses, shop, visit family or just be lazy and stay at home doing tid-bits.
During 'the season' I work cooking breakfast at a little music venue/campground/boat ramp on the Missouri River. I love it. When I'm done around the time I would have been getting out of church, I hop in the boat and join my friends up the river on the sandbar for Party on the River Sundays!..

We all bring something to eat, either for the grill or a side. Much beer and smoke is enjoyed amongst friends and family.

Swimming in the River, checking out the new stones the River has tumbled our way. Unearthing artifacts, anything that connects me with the history and spirit that is River Life.

I spent way too many years trying to get fussy toddlers, sleepy teenagers and myself to church on time. F That, and the damn horse it rode in on.
My typical Sunday is a cup of coffee and breakfast, then watch the Sunday morning sports shows. I will go workout about noon. After that, if it is summer, I will go to a couple of clubs. Right now, I will do my weekly grocery shopping, maybe some mall time. That's what happens when you are single though.
We sleep in then put on some good music and make pancakes...during the summer we go to the beach or Aquatica (water park). I try to go out to the farmers market in the cooler months. Then we nap...then head over to mom's for dinner then off to work:)
Well, let's see...
I do my radio show 2 times a month on blog talk radio. I've started taking my dogs to the dog park. Take pictures as its one of my hobbies, and on Feb 28th I have a paranormal investigation of a local business my other hobby is that I am a ghost hunter. I do a lot of facebook. Take naps when I can. Meditate. Shop if I need to or do whatever I wanna do.


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