Are LDS people taught to shun those who leave the church? I left the church several months ago and had my name removed from the rolls. Everyone that professed to love me so much and loved my company, now have nothing to do with me. Not one person who was in my church has contacted me.  Has anyone else had this experience?

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This is a great discussion.

Frankly, in reality very few would be concerned about the temple recommend because they just answer correctly to get it.  They, we, all have secret naughty things we wouldn't reveal under such questions.

I think the shunning has two main sources. One is fear that the doubts they have deep, deep in their psyche or soul, will come to the surface when being around a ex-Mormon. I believe all of us didn't dare voice our doubts or questions when something was revealed to us that didn't quire ring true.  We instead internally rationalize it and just go on being Mormon. Second, quite frequently LDS Members create false story's about the new ex-Mormon such as infidelity, homo sexuality, incest etc. It didn't happen to me but I know some that it has happened to. You wouldn't know it unless someone who was a true friend shared it with you.


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