You're invited and welcome to join this coming General Conference weekend(April 2nd and 3rd) to participate in our semi-annual Live Chat Conference Review.  Lurk, share or discuss with others your thoughts, opinions or hurts regarding the talks given, as they are given live over internet streaming broadcast.  Many have stated this Live Chat review has been one of the funnest Conference Weekends they've had to 'endure'.  Conference Sessions are broadcast Saturday and Sunday from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm MST (as if you don't remember, lol).  The LAM chat room can be viewed at or from the chat bar at the bottom of any page of LAM.

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thanks for the invite - unfortunately I don't have the "connections" to participate. Enjoy! Will be thinking of y'all. :-))
Wondering why we have something like this. Though the religion was very much a part of our lives why on earth would anyone want to subject themselves to listening to a mormon conference who is no longer mormon just to focus on negative things and then participate in critiquing, bashing, etc. Sounds like wasted time. Move on and focus on a life without mormonism in a more productive and positive way.

Sometimes incorrect views and meanness, no matter where it is or comes from needs to be held to public critique and review.  We are not supporting GC as it is a mind game where the Holy ones impress others like themselves.  We are observing and looking at it critically.  

  Watch and see how they spin the Japan and Earthquake issue.  They will be the leader in something, and are to humble to tell you, but they will tell you anyhow.


  I will enjoy discussing the GC, and sharing that I feel they are two steps below the Three Stooges and the Three Stooges ~know they are comics. 



I don't feel like sitting through conference, but if for some reason I do this definitely sounds fun!


Anyone know of a way to get silhouettes of the Mystery Science Theater robots to show up on the bottom of the whole thing

ha ha ha...I had to read that a few times to 'get it'...but that would be hilarious!!!

Q: When is General Conference?

A: it starts at 300pm!

Q: Ya gonna watch Conference, right!

A:  Naw, I can't watch Conference, I have to go take a dump right then, bail some hay, milk cows, feed exlax to monkeeys,  or clip my toenails, ...something that is constructive and will give a return on the time invested.  I see enough programming and mind games in life as it is.  It does me no good to see institutionalized horse dung.  I opt for taking a dump.  If i watch Conference then all that crap is n my head.  Not a good thing.




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