I came across this HuffingtonPost article about Romney and how he has been very quiet on his Mormonism. I liked this article because I think it asks some very reasonable, and important questions about Romney's beliefs and experiences in the church which he refuses to answer. I encourage you all to read it but if you can't here are the five questions verbatim.

1. "How have your early experiences within the Mormon Church--particularly your two-year proselytizing mission to France and your service as Bishop and Stake President--shaped your character and your worldview?"

2. "Given that your church's highest leadership councils consist entirely of white males and deny its lay priesthood to women, how can you assure the American public that the status of women in this country would advance rather than retreat?"

3. "Are Governor Romney's values concerning material wealth on the one hand, and the 47% on the other, reflective of Mormonism?"

4. "What would be the relationship between a President Romney and the LDS Church hierarchy in Salt Lake City?"

5. "Has Governor Romney resuscitated the long-disavowed Mormon tradition of "Lying for the Lord"?"

This final question especially struck me. Lying for the Lord may be disavowed, but after what I've seen and read It has certainly not gone away. I think though, that if Romney where to become a shill it would be for corporate interests rather than the church. This is a small comfort but I don't think he would roll over for Salt Lake, not enough money to be made. 

Ultimately for those who are ignorant of the church, even the sanitized version the missionaries sell, these are important questions that I think many are asking. For those of us who know the church from the inside these questions are even more important. Many of us have been hurt by the church and its adherents and having a seemingly TBM president is cause for concern. Hopefully, if he is elected, he won't be as devoted as he seems.



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One thing that strikes me as odd, Romney is being supported by the religious right wingers. Do they realize that according to his beliefs they are all going to hell?


Well, I think if you travel down the religion road with any candidate it gets very strange very quickly.  The problem we have in this society is that nobody can tell the truth about anything.  Virtually everyone running for President belongs to some religion.  It is impossible to believe that their are no atheists, but of course an atheist would never get elected.  As for me, even with all the strangeness to the Mormon religion, I don't see it as any more strange than any other. 

As far as I'm concerned we have not that far removed from the days when Great leaders would seek council with the Priestess at Delphi.  Speaking for myself, I wouldn't vote against Romney because he is a Mormon.  I do wish all politicians had to pass a lie detector test about their beliefs. I suspect if one was given, Romney would come out even with the rest of the group.


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