My friend (and sometimes nemesis) John Dehlin interviewed my hero (or at least one of my heroes) Richard Packham on Mormon Stories Podcast.

I think this is a pretty good interview generally, and I recommend listening to it.

The interview is in four parts, and John has now removed the third part of the interview for reasons John explains in the comments section of that particular podcast. I also encourage reading the rather lengthy comments section.

I downloaded Part 3 of the interview before John removed it from his website and will make it available to anyone who would like to listen to it. Part 3 is, in many ways, the best, most moving, and most interesting part of the interview. The other parts are worth listening to as well, and I think the interview makes most sense if you listen to it sequentially.

Contact me privately through PM here or by writing to:

if you would like me to send you Part 3 of the interview privately.

I'd also be interested to hear any comments from the folks here about the interview.


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John has also apparently closed the comments section of the Richard Packham interview. I find that disturbing.

Yes, it is messy.

Yes, there is conflict.

Yes, people can get their feelings hurt.

But, that is exactly the topic that John was purportedly attempting to discuss. Now, when he deletes one perspective, and closes the door to further discussion, he does NOT seem to be acting to build bridges, promote dialog, or help further understanding. It seems John has clearly taken sides on the issue and has acted to silence the point of view he thinks deserves to be silenced. That is NOT what I understood Mormon Stories to be all about.
IDo not have the time to listen to all so I chose the last. It is true that many are seeking comfort from lives eventual pain sorrows and end. Most do not want to accept that when we die it is over. Also churches can be a source of community. Perhaps more so in large cities were there may be a lack if it. Other organizations can also provide a social net work but that do not promise eternal life. For me when I realized the church was not what it claimed I drove into studding Biblical studies at the university level. That taught me more and allowed my mind to open up and exam life and aided me in deprogramming myself. Every individual has something or talent to share, they just have to learn to reach within and muster the determination to succeed
I think Richard Packham has some good insights. I agree that Mormons tend to make unnecessary enemies. It seems to me that it is less about being decent toward and caring for your fellow man, and more about being righteous. More narcissistic than altruistic.


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