So I mailed off my official resignation letter to the church two days ago and I am wondering if anyone here has done the same? I used the website which was very helpful and informative. I am waiting in anticipation for the resistance I will meet. But I know this is the right thing to do so that I can bring some closure to my previous life. So I guess my question is how did this go for you? How did your family take the news? How did the church handle your official resignation?

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Congrats Amanda! I don't have any advice ( I haven't sent mine yet!...I need to) but I wanted to say that I'm happy for you!
I used when I resigned last year in August. Since my Bishop and SP were already aware of my feelings regarding the church, my resignation was processed pretty quickly. I haven't really told that many people and I don't think it's really necessary or any of their business.
I did the same a month or two ago... My bishop called to confirm and ask a few questions, and he said I'd receive a letter confirming the details of our phone discussion in the mail. That hasn't arrived, though I have received acknowledgment of my request from SLC (which, of course, said that it was a local ecclesiastical matter, and that I'd be receiving contact from my bishop shortly).

My parents took the news well. They were upset at first, but after listening to my reasons, they were relieved that I had taken the time to really research my decision. That was enough to comfort them, and they don't hassle me at all over it at all now.
I hope things go well for you and hope you will keep us posted on what happens. I have not written the letter yet and not sure I will in the near future. I have been out for 6-ish years but my wife has just begun her journey over this past year.

Wishing you the best,
I sent my letter to the bishop back in october 2008, but he sent it to the mission president (dont have a stake president here) just 4 months later - in feburary. And guess what? I still have no reply from the SLC that would confirm i had been resigned. Bureaucracy!

Amanda, hope it wont take so long for you.
I recently did this myself. I mailed off mine at the begining of July. I used a letter from a website that used the proper phrasing and such. Within one week I had a response from my local Bishop (a letter stating that my name was being removed from the church). This past Friday I received a letter from Church records in Salt Lake City, Utah, stating that my name had been officially removed. Everything happened rather fast and smooth. The only correspondance from the Church was the two letters. For me it was a total relief and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My family will be in town in Sept and I plan on telling them in person at that time. In the past I tried talking to my father about the church and how I felt about it, but it doesn't seem that he heard what I was saying. Now with the finality of this, it will show how I feel about the Church. I hope this helped a little.
What website did you use? The church returned my letter to me telling me that I needed to contact my local bishop about this. I used the sample letter from the website So maybe the website you used had a different one? I am going to try again via a letter to the church because I most certainly do not want to go through my local bishop. Thanks for your reply and advice!
I did use the letter from Once I had the letter written and printed up, I mailed one copy to my local Bishop's home address and one copy to the Bishop at ward building. After that I had absolutely no contact from anyone in the Mormon Church except the letter from the Bishop saying that my name was being withdrawn from the records and then 2 weeks later the later from headquarters stating the same thing. There were no phone calls or face to face meetings concerning my decision and letter. I hope this helps a little bit. I didn't know who my local Bishop was so I went to the website: and found my local ward / Bishop /etc. Then I was able to find the Bishop's local address searching the internet ( and searching my his name). If you have any other questions that I can help with, let me know.
I wrote a letter and sent it my branch bishop (2004) who sent it. In fact they never answered. I need research more about that and knowing if I'm really are an apostate!!:))...because I know they sometimes don't resign people...specially in places where the Mormon Church is a "cagada de mosca".
I did what a website told me and mailed my letter to membership r. in SLC. Got a response letter 4 weeks ago saying the letter was forwarded to bishop and stake pres. They are supposed to be sending me a letter saying I have 30 days to change my mind but so far no letter. I am getting pretty ticked about it. I think my bishop just disguarded my wishes and letter. At this point if I do not hear anything in a week I am calling SLC and threating to get a lawyer. I know that I am resigned the day they receive my letter but I want out offically. I need to move on. I have found a great christian church here but I have not been re baptised yet because I feel like I need to wait until I am out. Anyways good luck to you. Did you give your letter to your bishop or did you mail it to records in SLC?


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