Do any of you know details about what happens when you resign from the church? Is it like an excommunication where the "bonds made in the temple are broken"? And if so, would they inform the people that were you sealed to about it? I am considering doing this, but would also want to keep it a secret from my mother. I know that makes me sound like a coward, but she's very much a TBM and it would break her heart to see me officially resign. Thanks!

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Unless your leaders know your parents directly, I doubt they would contact them. How your mom may find out is when they have her review the member records of all of her kids at tithing settlement, as your name would either not appear, or would no longer have any ordinance dates next to you. Resigning isn't necessary though as there are many exmos who don't feel the need to take that step. It just depends on whether the risk of upsetting family is worthy whatever closure you feel resignation might bring. Of course, we'll support you here regardless of what decision you make. Good luck!
Thanks Micah. I would like to officially resign, but like you said, I'm not sure it's worth the upset it might cause my family. Do you mind me asking if you have officially resigned? I believe Benee once told me she waited to resign until her mother passed away...maybe I will just have to do the same thing!
In order to be free you must cut the chains, especially the chins that benefit them. A lady is in an abusive relationship. She refuses to actually leave. I can only ask, "why". What is delicious about abuse and conformity that you must continue it. Write the letter and do what you want in "whose" life??

I wrote the letter to have my records removed and found that the curtains did not rush to the ceiling as the spirit wooshed out the window. My life was not an empty void. Actually, my life got better as I thought my own thoughts w/o asking myself if it was ok with the Church! Dear freakin God, I was so deep into it in my head that I could not even think my own thoughts.

Do it and never look back in any way, ever again! You'll be glad you did. Hazelnut coffee is great, too. :)

Don in Las Vegas
I have resigned, and I think my family is aware of it, though no one has said a thing about it to me. We mostly take a live/let live approach and don't talk about my non-belief. I know others have taken the route that Benee is taking.
My family has never been notified and I've been free for a year now - wow time flies when you are having fun! I didn't want my parents to know for the same reason as you - but I did finally tell my sister and that went well. I had to do it for me and no one else, and I am so happy!
Allow me to share a second post please. I find it interesting that some use the words "find out". Don't be afraid to live your life. It is "YOUR" life. You need no ones permission except your own for what you do or don't do. You are an adult and can make decisions that effect your life. If you want to leave, do so.. Or, worry about what others think.

Now, once leaving, still talk to your family, still be polite and nice. You may have to smile and tell a few where to get off, but isn't that a normal function of life. Sometimes youhave to politely tell others enough. "If you want to be the type of person that others are glad to see, then stop with the drama" is what I told another. They stopped, and went to sit down. People will take all the space you give them and try to throw a guilt trip as to why you are wrong for not giving them all of it. Its worse than girls in highschool.

You need no ones negative input on your clothes, thought proccesses, politics, religion or clothing. These are decisions left only to you alone.

Feel empowered, know of your goodness and your decisions. Then, enforce your parameters.


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