Research about ex-Mormons (Official Call for Participants)


Some of you may know me as cumom (mythical beast from the Book of Ether) from FLAK or the former View from the Foyer. I have been in the past a frequent participator there. I'm a sociologist and have started a new research project about people who make big cultural shifts during their lifetimes, and one of the groups I will be researching are people who left Mormonism.  

I'm looking for about 10 men and 10 women to participate; all participants' identities will be protected and anonymity in all publication is assured. 

Please contact me directly if you are willing to participate; and I can answer any general questions here in this discussion thread. 

Here is the official call for participants:

I am a researcher from San Jose State University who is interested in the mental and emotional processes that people go through when they leave an “alternative religious movement” such as Mormonism.  I want to hear your stories about how you decided to leave Mormonism, how leaving affected your life, and how your beliefs, politics, and perceptions of life have changed as a result. 

I am looking for as wide and as diverse a group of participants as possible in order to study the full range of people’s individual experiences leaving Mormonism. This includes both people ‘born in the covenant’ and converts; returned missionaries and those who did not serve missions; women and men; gay, straight, bi, transgender; temple endowed or not; married or single; etc. My only minimum requirement  is that you were an active/practicing Mormon for at least five years before deciding to leave.

Please contact me to participate in a one-on-one interviewdiscussing your experiences. Interviews will take between one and 1.5 hours and will be in person where possible. If in-person interview is not possible, we will talk online via Skype or iChat (or another similar application).

To be part of the discussion please contact Dr. Todd Ormsbee or at 415-412-8737 to discuss your participation and schedule an interview time.

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Pity I live in Africa and can't help out - dont have skype either - it would give you another perspective....

Love to help. I sent you an email the other day but do not know if you got it, I sent it from my personal email.Let me know if you are interested one way or the other.


Thanks to everyone for responding. I'll be finalizing the list of participants and contacting everyone by email this week. I look forward to talking to everyone and seeing what I discover.


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