"Red Flags" from the very beginning of my involvement in Mormonism

I joined the Church after reading glowing "articles" in Reader's Digest on how honest and moral and self-less Mormons were. I discovered later these "articles" were thinly disguised advertisements, paid for by tithing money, at a time Hinckley was adviser to the Public Affairs Committee. Of course, 33 years later, I discovered it was all b.s. Mormons were the most selfISH  and IMmoral people I've ever known. Very few exceptions.

I remember being baptized, and I was given a small copy of the Book of Mormon, and another small volume of the D&C/PGP, and I remember looking through it and noticing the facsimilies from the Book of Abraham (the Egyptian drawings), and seeing what was obviously a female figure with long hair, exaggerated eye-brows, and reading Joseph smith's expalantion that it was "Pharoah". I remember saying to myself, ":My God, I've  made a mistake!"  I remember going to my first Branch, which was a military branch, and hearing a Navy chaplain, who was LDS, read from a book, where Joseph Smith is hiding in Nauvoo trying to avoid arrest, and he had two young boys spying for him on meetings of other Church leaders, who were talking about killing him, and Joseph Smith started to cry. I remember thinking, "Why would Joseph Smith be hiding from other Church leaders? Why would other Church leaders want to kill him?"  The chaplain never said. I don't know why he was reading from that book. I think now he was a "Sunstone" Mormon, and trying to create reveal the truth about Joseph smith to us, in a subtle way. More red flags!  Of course, as time went on, more and more red flags, all over the place.  Church leaders in Nauvoo conspired to remove Joseph Smith because he was banging their wives and daughters. THAT is the reason they hated him (and rightefully so).

I remember discovering, over time, that ALL my male LDS single male friends were having sex on the side, and when I'd tell the bishops, the bishops would mock me and call me a 'liar'. Wow! What MEN OF GOD eh? What discernment eh? I've never known such self-righteous, ignorant, arrogant, spiritually-blind FOOLS like the Mormon bishops. I had one "good" bishop, but the rest I've known were utter self-righteous fools; men who thought they'd be banging their own most beautiful spirit-daughters to produce saviors for the fallen worlds they create.

I remember coming back from my mission, and being so disappointed in it, and praying and receiving the overwhelming feeling that the Church was NOT true, and not to go back. But, I started to rationalize, and said to myself, "Maybe I can change the Church!" I should have left then, and never came back. That was another mistake.

I should have left the moment the first red flags were flying, but I didn't; I should have trusted my "gut" but I didn't. I've learned.

I don't want other sincere souls to have to go through what I did. It is too painful. So, I'm going to write a book called "Mormon Secrets". Yes, another "anti-Mormon" book. I'm going to put things on YouTube.

I'm NOT an Evangelical Christian! Going from Mormon to born-again is, for me, the same as going from Moron to Fool.... I think Evangelical Christianity is the being "CULT" ever divised by  ignorant men. It's a religion for the simple-minded and intellectually-challenged. The founders of what is called today "Evangelical Christianity" were the Taliban of their day.

I'm NOT atheist or agnostic either. Many ex-Mormons become Atheists, because they are mad at God for being deceived. "Well God, you deceived me regarding Mormonism...so I'm NOT gonna believe in YOU anymore! So...THERE! How do you like them apples?"

I'm a Daheshist. Why? This explains it in case you are curious:



Yes, I plan to expose Mormonism to all I can, everywhere I can. My only regret is that I cannot, single-handedly, dismantle Mormonism....brick by brick. Mormonism will go on. It will grow, and change. Eventually, Mormonism will "drop" its belief that the Book of Mormon is literal history (they will have to in the face of ever-mounting scientific evidence that become more widely known to Members). They will begin to de-emphasize Joseph Smith too. They will change the Temple Rite and water-it-down even more and more, until it becomes milk-toast. The Church will probably allow same-sex Temple marriages 20 or 30 years from now. The Church will change.

The Church in the U.S. and Europe, where people have comp-lete access to the Internet, will not grow, but remain stagnant, or even shrink. The Church will grow by leaps and bounds in places like Africa and among the poor and uneducated in China, India, and Latin America, where people don't have  easy access to anti-Mormon information.  Church leaders will begin to teach that America and Europe has "had its day" and are too pround and rich to care about the things of God, and that the people of Africa, Latin America, China, and India are now the Elect. Utah will become more and more non-Mormon and Post-Mormon. The white generations of Mormons in Utah will become white Post-Mormon generations, because more and more Mormons, who have access to the Internet, will discover the TRUTHS about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, the Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, and so forth.

The LDS Church is becoming "Dumb, and Dumber'er" because Mormon Intellectuals are leaving in droves, leaving the Ignorant alone at Church. The only Intellectuals remaining are those who work for the Church, in CES or at BYU; they don't resign because they've got  no place else to go.

I only regret, is that I can't single-handedly get rid of Mormonism for good. I can only do my part, like a small cog in a much larger machine. I can only "save a few" from going through what I did, which was a wasteful and extremely PAINFUL process. I suppose, that's all I can do.







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I agree with everything you said here! Thank you for writing it!


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