I have been a Mormon all my life although inactive from age 15 through 30. Which is good because i had a regular non-lds life during those years. I began attending again at age 30. I married a non-member Catholic which made me suspect when i returned to church, after all i was a misled "part-member". I am 52 now and I have been mentally inactive for approximately 4 years and physically inactive for 8 months. I just cant attend anymore. I am interested in peoples thoughts on removing their name from the records of the church. I am contemplating doing so. I think I need the symbolic move more than the actual record removal. Thanks for being here...this can be an isolating journey. Hard topic to bring up with your VT's.... :-)

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DO IT if it's right for you and will give your relationship with the church some closure and finality!


I hear you on leaving being an isolating experience. I felt very out of place in the world for awhile. This community was invaluable to me going through that.

Hi Turning Point.  I resigned myself for reasons of principle, not wanting to support what I view as a fraudulent organization, even if by name only.  My wife on the other hand, though non-believer herself, has not resigned and likely never will.  There's no right or wrong way, just what fulfills your purposes.  Good luck.  If you need help with the process, you can read up on how to resign here: http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/page/resignation-from-the-mormon

We left before our oldest was 8, so that was one hurdle we didn't have to jump, although, their names are still technically on the records, just as unbaptized children, since we haven't removed their names.

I sent my resignation in 2 weeks ago, heard back from the ward bishopric informing me that our names would be removed and SLC the other day "begging" for me to come back. Now it's just the waiting game for the official letter. I keep stalking the mailbox because I want it done... NOW.

The subject won't come up with your VT's, because once you write the letter and it is received, they will no longer have to visit you.  Remember, they have to.  It's not a glorious choice.  How many of us thought "Oh goody goody, time to bug the sisters again?"

You are soooo right.  I hated the thought of calling on the "inactive" sisters on my VT list because I felt that if they really wanted to be involved with the church, they would come to church on their own. 

It's all about the numbers...

I'm not sending in my resignation anytime in the forseeable future. It would hurt my husband deeply for me to renounce my vows (especially the sealing) and this is one way I can support him that has pretty much no consequence for me. It's just paperwork in my opinion. I'm done being Mormon and will never call myself one again.

It's very easy to do and after you send in the letter all they do is ask for you to confirm that you sent it which will usually be the bishop.  If you include that you don't want to discuss your decision with anyone and cannot be persuaded to reconsider they'll respect your wishes.   The whole process for me took about 10 weeks.

Sending in a resignation is a highly personal decision that need not be made at all.  Once your beliefs have changed, that pretty much takes care of it.  But you need to be prepared to be hunted down by the mormons until the day you die.

LOL  Exactly!

i removed my name months ago and no one has attempted to contact me anymore greatfully and I am sending a letter of resignment for my 8 yr old daughter to the bishop tonight. I am going to break the hearts of my TBM family and maybe my daughter but i had to think hard and i have for months. all the seminary indoctrination all through high school, married to a return missionary right away, no career, house wife only pumping out babies to support temple and church buildings the degradement of woman and the past racism not too mention all the overwhelming evidence of deceit made by the prophets plus many etc's.... i brought her into this and no matter the recoil as her loving father and protector i can not allow it anymore... i cant know what i know now and let that false indoctrination go forward esp on my only child who trusts me completely. if you believe in prayer please give one for us... as for you just write a letter formally resigning effective imediatley and date and sign it no explanation is neccesary (up to you) luck, Wes...  p.s. here is a great link with much much truth abt the church.....   http://www.mormonhandbook.com/home/book-of-mormon-authorship.html


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