Our friend Jackster passed away this morning.  He will definitely be missed.  I hope he was able to die knowing how much this community cared for him.  

The Life After Mormonism community meets such an important need for us as we search for and find our truth.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to know Jackster, no matter how short of a time it was.  I know my life has been enriched by my friendship with him. 

I appreciate my LAManite family here.  Love to you all.  

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Mimosa, thank you for those thoughts.  Thinking of his pain brings many tears.

I was stunned to hear he had killed himself right after we were chatting online as we normally do.  Had I known then what I know now....

I wish you well on whatever journey you now find yourself on.  Let us all remember that we each need each other to provide support through difficult times. 



Jackster, may you find the peace in the next life that so eluded you in this life.  Safe journey...

Hearing that another person has ended thier life in response to the pain the LDS faith has caused them fills me with sadness.If you ever consider taking your life in response to this type of anguish please don't! Please consider calling the  National Suicide Prevention Hotline it is free respects your privacy and runs 24/7  #1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Words aren't adequate to cover how I feel.  So sorry for this loss to us here on LAM, Jack's family and his friends.  Go in peace Jackster.

This is really too bad. It is unfortunate that Jack felt this was the only way to resolve the circumstances he was in. This is the second suicide in as many weeks of individuals that I have been acquainted with. I, for one, refuse to pass judgement on a person who chooses to end their live under the circumstances because there is no possible way that I could ever understand what they were going through emotionally to lead them to this point.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to the loved ones that Jack left behind as well as my wish that if there is something after this life, Jack is able to find the peace he felt he needed.

I always saddens me when these things happen. I've done time with depression, feeling helpless, hopeless, worthless. I've been to the brink and was able to pull myself back.

loneliness and having no support is something many of us have to endure.

Where I live, having an ex-mo meet-up is less likely than hitting the lotto. Hell, I can't even find an atheist meet-up, and I KNOW they're here.

Hello Un-Tarded


I live in East Texas, no Ex-mos here and no atheist meet-ups. Not even a dog park. No book clubs. Moved here from Southern California. I know how you feel regarding having no support.




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