Our friend Jackster passed away this morning.  He will definitely be missed.  I hope he was able to die knowing how much this community cared for him.  

The Life After Mormonism community meets such an important need for us as we search for and find our truth.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to know Jackster, no matter how short of a time it was.  I know my life has been enriched by my friendship with him. 

I appreciate my LAManite family here.  Love to you all.  

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My condolences to Jack and his family and friends at this time of loss.  May you truly, rest in peace.  You deserve a good rest buddy.  I regret not having taken more opportunity to get to know you and support you in your time of need.  Peace.

You will be missed Jackster.  I enjoyed your fun conversations and lively spirit.  You were a family member of LAM and we felt your friendship.  Rest in peace Jackster.

I'm so sorry to hear about this :(

Peace to his family and many friends.

I didn't know Jackster but I am saddened by the loss of anyone in our community. Rest in peace Jack.

I did not know Jackster as well, but am truly sad and sorry for the worlds loss of a fellow ex mo.  We are a one of a kind people.  May peace be with his family and friends. 

I too want to express appreciation and love to all my family on here.  This place has filled a huge hole in my life that no other people can really fill.  The struggle that comes with leaving the LDS church is tremendous and comes with so many dark shades.  May we all lift each other above.

Though I didn't know Jackster, I am all too aware of the tragic conditions that can lead one to suicide. This weekend marked the 15th anniversary of my own brother's suicide. My heart goes out to Jackster's friends and family; surviving one's suicide is a long, confusing, and painful experience, but does fade with time.

I highly recommend that those who where close to him seek out counseling (and NOT from LDS Family Services!!!), as this can be a great way to start the healing process. I have found that talking with someone who has an empathetic ear, can do more good than any drug.



I didn't have the privilege of knowing Jackster on a deep, personal level--I only chatted with him briefly a few times here. But for those of us here, like me, who have no connection to our biological families, LAM is our family. Every new member of LAM instantly becomes a member of my family, and it saddens me when I lose a part of my family in such a tragic way. Though you touched our lives only briefly, Jackster, you have left a hole in our collective hearts, and you will be missed.

I haven't been over here in a while, but I just wanted to say how very sorry I am that Jack was unable to feel love and support from family and friends. I wish that he could have reached out to those here to get the help that he so desperately needed. Rest In Peace Jack...you are not forgotten. 

I did not know Jackster as much I would have liked to...but I enjoyed my chats with him here on LAM. My heart goes out to him...I wish for him the peace and comfort he sooo obviously needed and deserved. You will be missed Jackster!!

Althoug I didn't know him personally, the death of one of us will always affect me. When we need real friends we can come here and talk about whatever and nobody will judge us. Jack, my friend and brother, rest in peace and wait for all of us. The time will come when we can meet each other again.


OK, voy a escribir  en español porque estoy expresando emociones y creo que Jackster donde quiera que esté, será capaz de entenderlo ahora

...no conocí a Jackster, pero advierto por los comentarios que fue alguien apreciado en esta comunidad. Como ex mormon, siento mucho dolor cuando sé del sufrimiento de otras personas al intentar abandonar el mormonismo. Las cadenas religiosas son fáciles de romper, pero sentir el rechazo de los seres queridos por una decisión que has tomado con libertad de conciencia, seguro de que es lo mejor que puedes hacer, es un dolor que no tiene limites...y rechazar a aquellos que abandonan el mormonismo es algo en lo que los mormones activos son especialistas: pueden llegar  a destruir psicológicamente a la más fuerte de las personas...


Jack, espero que estés en paz en un lugar donde seas aceptado y amado sin condiciones...


Rest in peace Jack

Mostly my heart aches knowing the pain that must have been behind such an act.  Wish we all could reach out and hug Jackster so he didn't feel so alone and could hang on through the pain.  Peace to you Jackster.  <3


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