Quick update on the Facebook Ad Campaign: Over 2 Million impressions so far

The Facebook Ad Campaign exceeded 2 Million ad impressions yesterday (February 1st, 2011) and have garnered nearly 5,000 clicks so far!  At a total cost of only $382, that comes out to an average cost of just $0.08 per click, $0.18 per 1000 ad impressions, and a click-through-rate(CTR) averaging 0.233%!  That means nearly every dollar donated converts into 5000 ad impressions and over 10 clicks!  Some of the ads are averaging a CTR as high as 0.823%, or 8+ clicks per 1000 impressions.  MormonThink.com has reported January as the highest traffic month ever recorded with nearly week after week new highs for hits per day.  LifeAfterMormonism.net also experienced its highest traffic and growth month in January with 171 new registered users.  The number of views and comments on the "I am an ex-Mormon" videos being advertised are also significant and the ads continue to be the highest click converters day after day.  Ads have also been run for PostMormon.org and MormonStories.org and further ads are planned for the Exmormon Foundation with other possible sites or resources in consideration.


A big Thank You! to all of the ex-Mormon community for making these sites, resources, communities and the ad campaign possible!  If you'd like to donate and haven't done so, you may donate through the Exmormon Foundation, right on their main page.  Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

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Thanks for sending this Micah.  Very good news.  I've reposted it to all the lists I sent the announcement to, to PostMormon and TRIED to post it at RFM - even told them above the announcement that I wouldn't be using complete URLs, just the name of the sites -- and it was still rejected.  I have a query in for Susan to tell me what's not allowed, once again.


you said "CTR" =) lol =)

Thank you Mike for creating and developing this avenue for enhanced communication.  People need to know that the joyful image the Mormon Church tries so hard to create is countered by real people that were in the Mormon Church that "saw it as it is"!


I am proud to be an "EX-Mormon".


Don in Las Vegas

The ads have been very effective for MormonThink.  Thanks so much for doing this Mike.  Surely the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Internet.  The truth will shine forth.  The Internet is the rolling stone cut fom the mountain that is unstoppable.
Would you mind posting an update about the success of the ads for MT over on PostMormon too?  Thanks!

That's great!

Just curious, what are the ads with the highest CTR?

The two ads running for Shane and Emilie's respective "...And I'm an ex-Mormon" videos are the two highest, and have both had days when they've seen a CTR over 1%.
IMO, this method of advertising is a better use of money than billboards. It's more cost effective and results in people actually going to the web destination as advertised. However, I still think billboards are worth investing in, as they will continue to reinforce the idea of a large, local ex-Mormon community.
I'm glad the LAM community is reaching out. People need this info- keep up the good work!


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