I've read that when you resign they might contact your bishop to inform them.  Does anyone know if they would contact family?  For example, my father??  He was a bishop as well as a stake president for many years.  Although he is hundreds of miles away, I'm not ready to open this can of worms with him.  My dad is the most hardcore mormon I know, he would probably jump on a plane just to talk me out of it!!

Any suggestions or comments?

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Hi LeAnn,

As far as I know the only bishop that is involved is your current ward bishop, and not one who is hundreds of miles away, much less your father. Good Luck!

So long as your mail your letter with your return address so that they know the area you're in, only the area bishop and stake president should be involved.
I did the same thing. I emailed my resignation to my bishop and stake president. I got my confirmation 2 weeks later. It helped that my stake pres. works at COB and turned in my finished paperwork by hand and waived the 30 day waiting period.
Well since I moved to Missouri I have not attended church. So therefore I have never met the bishop so hopefully he will just sign off on it. If anyone tries to contact me my husband is good at scaring them off. He has ran the missionaries off half a dozen times! LOL!
So I sent my letter in a couple weeks ago. Today I got a letter stating that the local bishop will be contacting me! Argh!! If they come here I'm going to be irritated!!


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