Maybe somebody can answer this. It is something I really don't get; especially since I became non-religious. Why is it okay for a woman to go jogging in a special jogging sports bra, yet women can't leave the house in a normal sports bra? Also the bikini top vs a bra? Women go out in their bikini tops when it's hot, but normal bras aren't acceptable. Why is material so important?

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I don't think it's the material, it's all in the name.

What that piece of material is called determines it's function, therefore mental images of what it 'should' be used for.

Jogging sports bras are for jogging, regular bras are underwear.

Why can men go swimming in a speedo but can't walk around in their boxers, or bikini briefs?

Women can have bear shoulders at a semi-formal function, but men shouldn't come in tank tops.

It's very frustrating if you ask me. Why can't we see people as PEOPLE?

Yeah, I should've posted both genders' issues. Thank you for pointing that out.  So if I called a sports bra a jogging sports bra it'd be acceptable?

Fine by me. 

Really, what is the difference? The sports bra is plain whereas the regular bra has lace on it.  WTF? Maybe one shows the nipples more. IDK!  (lightbulb moment) the regular bra is supposed to make you more shapley while the sports bra does not emphasis the curves? IDK 

I'm in the fine arts and watch the dancing and talent shows on TV. "So you think you can dance" has girls in bras dancing around stage.

I'm with you here. What is this thing we have against male/female bodies.  Oh no (gasp) a women has breasts?!?! or a man has a penis?!?!?

Come on folks, we all got here on this planet the same way. It's time to grow up.

Ok, I dont quite know where you are going with this.

Are you making the statement based on Mormon beliefs or something else?

It is not doctrine as far as I know but probably falls under the part of the modesty beliefs of the church and that makes it pretty much self explanatory.

If just a general question - it is all about a matter of choice and how you feel and not worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Actually Enlightened, it was meant as a general question.  If I *REALLY* wanted to, yeah like you said, I could prance in a bra, but I know that it's not socially acceptable, and really I just wanted some feedback as to why. Just starting a discussion.


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