Ok, I really do not were eles to ask this question and I dont know any mormons other then the one who the question is about, which is why a found this board in hopes to maybe get some clues as to what is the best way to go here.
I am not a mormon and dont have any plans to become one

I will state the background

We met each other years ago in the military and became best friends. At that time we both were NON-Mormons But he had a very good friend who was and who would ask us to both check out mormonism.

When we first met I was married and he was single. Nothing happened beyond friendship, we both admit now that there were feeling but we never acted on them because it was in the best interest of my marriage to be only firends.

We ended up not talking for a few years because our friendship was a strain on my marriage.

My marriage ended over a 2yrs now and I looked up my old friend to find him in a marriage to a mormon women who is devoutly mormon. I had been baptised inthe faith but realized that it was not right for him and stopped attending church. It was a big stress that he would not attend church with her.
I never made any mention of any feeling other then friendship with him nor he with me. We went rightback to best friends as he was now married i was not going to interfer with that.

Fast Forward to Now :
He is now in the process of getting a divorce (4 months ago). This is a really messy divorce.
She caused several major issues in this divorce and he is never going to go back to her. She is not allowing him any access to the kids except 2 days a month. She can not control were he goes in public to see the kids so he can see them in church and at their school.

After she left him we had several long talks about moving our friendship forward in to dating and being a couple which 2 months ago. we decided to have a long distants relationship with me moving there once his divorce is finail.

This weekend he went back to mormon church in order to have more time with is kids, which i do not fault him on. He intents to stay attending the church.

My qyestion is this :

How will him returning to the mormon church effect us as a couple ? and
how can i as a non-mormon make this realationship work ?

any insite into this would be helpful

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It wont, so long as you don't get pressured into going. Bear in mind, though, once his ward finds out about your existence, they may be inclined to try and drag you into their little cult.

It sounds like he is just going to church to spend more time with his kids? If that's the case I wouldn't even worry about it. If he is a believing member, that's a whole other conversation in terms of what his real expectations and hopes might be for the relationship. If all he does is go to church on Sunday and otherwise doesn't practice I wouldn't think it would affect you that much.

The only thing you might want to be prepared for is people pestering him to have a calling or participate in a service project or visit you or otherwise be involved outside regular church hours. You might meet some Mormons, but they're generally nice enough and hopefully your guy will turn down the constant invitations to get more involved if he's just wanting to be where his kids are.

Thanks for the help.
It looks like this may only be tempary thing going back to church as his soon to be ex is now stating she wants to move to Utah, which will never happen.
Iam not to concerned about people from his ward tryin
G to covert me as I was raised in assembly of god church ( which is crazy) attended Lutheran private school and had catholic grandparents. So I am never converting.


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