Pure Mormonism Blog Post on Why Mormons should skip a temple wedding.

Skip That Temple Wedding


Alan Rock Waterman, author of the Pure Mormonism Blog has done an outstanding write up of the exclusionary temple wedding practices of the mormom church.  Please take a moment to read his blog and leave a comment of suppport.   If you are able to, please add a link to your facebook, your own blogs or elsewhere to help this blogpost go viral.


If you are unfamiliar with the issue, please visit the Temple Wedding Petition website and if you haven't done so, please sign it!  You can either mail in a hard copy signed or you can now sign it online. 

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I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but coming from Rock, I'm sure it's very in depth and interesting!
This is a very interesting and thought provoking article. I also learned that Brigham himself said that he was not a Prophet, HIS OWN WORDS in JD! Interesting!

So, is the dooe that shuts on Non members on a wedding that is held inside the templ a tool to get greater numbers of conversions??? ...and nothing more!?

Absolutely, Don. You could not be more right. The evil of the "Temple" goes much deeper than even this. More than you will ever know.

Rock has done an outstanding article! I KNOW that many of you have given up on God, because of your anger against the church! PLEASE, I HUMBLY am asking you to read this amazing piece by Rock and you WILL know that the Mormon church of today IS the GREATEST conspiracy of evil men, after Joseph Smith!

I know how you feel about the church and Joseph Smith. So did I until 3 weeks ago. I am telling you that Joseph Smith was a prophet and was assassinated so that Brigham Young could push his evil doctrine of 2 gods and polygamy. Please pray as I have, and feel again that God lives and loves you all very much. I have died 5 times- I usually say 4 for a very personal reason.Even after walking with Him, during 2 of these near death experiences- I still mocked Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon, until just 3 weeks ago.

I know that many of you are now Atheists. I do not judge you for this. I felt prompted to come on here and tell you that God does not care if you drink, swear or even sleep around. He wants us to find joy! He just does ask only one thing. To love and be loving. This is all! I am a nudist. I have found pure joy in learning to drink and swear. The one thing He does ask of us, is to ask ourselves if what we are doing is loving. Committing a crime or adultery is not loving- obviously!

I have been told by a reputable source that the handshake you see Monson giving in that picture is REAL. These men are so evil- you have no idea. Ever heard of the CFR or the committee of 300? Leave the church! Take your name off the rolls! They are already getting into the wealthier members bank accounts and taking their money.The British government have already taken away the London Temple's tax exempt status.

I won't come on here again if you do not want me to- I just wanted to share with you all. I believe that you are all worth being redeemed from the evil that the Mormon church has heaped upon you.

Please do not let this EVIL church dictate what you believe or don't believe in! The shit is coming down folks!

Most on here have already stepped away from Mormonism. As for Joseph Smith, he was a product of his time, no more a prophet than Brigham Young, Moses or myself(aka, not divinely inspired).  But believe as you will, but try to recognize the sensationalism and emotional appeals that can misguide one to think they are being the truth.  


I thank you for your kindness towards me! You really are great. I love your blog- but the truth is, if people won't even keep an open mind to what has caused their anger and loss of faith in God, I am done here. I don't want to offend anyone at all. I never have.

I love you and everyone here. I really feel that I just don't belong here anymore. So it is with great sadness and regret that I am asking to be removed from this site. I thank you and David for your responses. NOTHING offends me anymore. I do not sit in judgment of anyone here- not my job.


With love, light and best wishes to everyone here!

Connie Waterman

Your path is your choice, and to be respected. I'd be sad to see you go. You'll have to go into your Settings to remove your name.  I think it's under Privacy settings.  I really hope you'll stay and share your opinions and experiences from time to time.  Agreement with others and vice-versa is not a requirement to be here.

I never gave up on God.  I feel prompted to tell you that I gave up on mind control. I gave up on being deceived and lied to.  I gave up on consuming all of my time and energy wasted on countless hours in pews and at alters.  I gave up on phony relationships.  I gave up on trying to be right and convincing others they were wrong about their beliefs.  I gave up on feeling superior and blessed because of my so-called righteousness compared to my fellowman.  I gave up on fear.  I gave up on feeling ashamed.  I gave up on trying to adjust to the ever rising bar of worthiness.  I have given up on being angry.  I gave up feeling stressed and anxiety.  I gave up trying to be to someone else's identity.  I gave up fraud and fiction for fact, honesty and integrity.  I gave up excluding and shunning friends and loved ones who were not members or inactive. Ya I admit I gave up!! 


The lies didn't start with Brigham Young.  They started with the  founder. I have redeemed myself from existing at the mormon level and began living the day I left it! 


My religion is simple.  Kindness to others. 

My religion is simple, too.  Love and kindness to others as I would hope they would give love and kindness to me.

I was a little put off by a few LDS friends that said "Ohl I am sorry  that you are giving up on God". I never said i was giving up on God, I said i was giving up on frigin Mormonism.  I despise the polite condescensions, the "we love you anyway", the "You never had a testimony, ...you lied" crap.  I am most definately allowed to learn new things and gain new perspectives.    They love that process when they gain from it, but when it does not benefit them, then it is wrong and of the devil.  What a load of crap. 

  I hate to see anyone leave the group, however, such is their right to do so.  May I suggest hanging in there and not participating as much for a while.  Give yourself some space and time.  People here may need your input more than you need to give it. :)  But the final decision in leaving is not mine.  Whatever you do, do it well. :)

God is good and cool.  Mormonism, it really sucks and manipulates the hell out of its poor victims.  






you are absolutely right! You just gave me the best advice I have had for a while! Please forgive me if I have offended you- that and NOTHING else was my intention for leaving the group. You have all been hurt enough. You most certainly do not deserve to be hurt by me!

I am not going to leave the group. I have made an incorrect assumption- that many former Mormons are now giving up on God. I just felt so sorry for the hurt that has been heaped upon you by the Morg.

I humbly and deeply ask for everyones forgiveness- especially Micah. This looks like a wonderful blog!!!

Thank you with all of my heart.

With love, light and gratitude,


You have not offnded me, however, offense should not be in equation. "Offense"


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