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Live chat!

(though the other sections are useful to get us know better)

I like very much the video's I am an x mormon.
I haven't figured out the live chat yet.  Not good with figuring out my time either.
Although I am unable to view the Video's on "I am an ex mormon" I do enjoy reading the personal accounts, if and when they appear in script below the video.
What I like is the ability to identify with so much that the writer has gone through and the culmination of events which led to the decision to classify oneself as an "ex-mormon" and life beyond that.
Chat for the WIN!!!
@ Ugly -  that figures.......

Even though they don't necessary originate from this site, one of my favorite things so far has been email notifications for the "I am an exmormon" videos.

I second that AntipodaBrink but Micah, I have to ask a question - every time I receive notification in my inbox that there has been activity on LAM I tend to get a huge amount of spam picked up by my anti virus program warning me of such - I say it has to do with the LAM notifications (which I appreciate) because I dont have this problem at any other time...

Being techologically challenged I will be the first to admit I dont know how things work, but I have noticed this as a pattern for some time. Of course I just delete all spam but it can sometimes result in my inbox filling up quickly when I am not there to delete. Any suggstions for me? Am I the only one? Thanks

I really don't know why that would be. It's the first I've heard of such happening and am inclined to say it may just be coincidental and how your email server stores and routes emails through. Our emails are sent by servers which are reputable and not related to any known spamming bots.

Not to worry - I do know where the delete button is...just thought you may have an explanation.

Thanks for the reply

tie between chat and videos.


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