After leaving, I cannot find any mormon patriarchs who have left and revealed that the patriarchal blessings are nothing but piffle. please, somebody, reassure me that this is not the case

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I don't know of any first hand patriarch exmos either.  I'm pretty sure they just use a template/madlib kind of deal though.

I don't know nobody that used to be a patriarch and left the church, but I been to a R.S. activity and the patriarch was invited to answer questions. One of the sister said that somehow she lost her one and she was able to have a new one with a different patriarch and she said it was complitetly different. He said was a different time of her life and patriarch has different styles, but I'm not sure how much she was convinced, it surely made me think.
I would just like to know if they each, there being one in every stake, actually believe what they say.

Elena, that is a strange story given they keep all patriarchal blessing on file in SLC

I have known a patriarch to wait over a year before he got the confidence to give one. They do not like giving a second one for the same reason Joseph would not retranslate the lost manuscript. The blessing is like any other priesthood blessing, usually very general unless the Elder knows some background facts as he gives it. Sometimes an Elder will go out on a limb and it pays off. Remember all is determined by the Lords will. If it happens it is the Lords will. If it does not happen it is the Lords will. A win win for the priesthood and a win or lose for the recipient. As a bishop I gave numerous blessings. We remember the positive and forget the failures.

I know that was different. She is the very first person that I heard to ever had a second patriarchal blessing. I don't remember the story about the lost one...but I remember it did made sense. She is a strong beliver and good person of faith I will ask her if I have the chance to meet her, it's going to be hard now that I don't go to church no more but you never know... She not too young either, she is probabily between 6o-65 years old, they must had a different sistem to record them.

For whatever reason you left I dont know but for me personally it was a case of "If JS was a fraud then everything else that followed must be too" - that would include the Patriarchal blessings obviously so it is not worth a worry. 

I know of someone whose PB said that he would take his wife and his children and be sealed to them in the temple - none of that happened and it's all a bit late now - so I personally believe a lot of people get a PB and act on what is said in it. Just IMHO.

I have to confess that in spite of having two different appointments to get my Patriarchal blessing, I never did.  For some odd reason as a Mormon, I didn't want one. I always evaluate my thinking as now verses then. Everyone else in my family did have one and each and every one of them was excited, but somewhere behind the excitement was this sort of oddness to figuring out the meaning.  I will say that there are probably very few ex Patriarchs. Without any real data it is hard to know, but instinctively it stands to reason that there would be more former bishops and stake presidents than Patriarchs.  A patriarch speaks for God, hard to imagine having to admit it was all just a bunch of garbage.


The Patriarchs must be mesmerized by the idea they can have this power. In order to attempt giving the blessing/magic spell, they must be convinced and  believe that they have the energy and power given to them, by another who has been mermerized to call the Patriach to the kingdom of giving blessings/magic spells.

All they have to say if it does not work for someone, is I guess you did not follow the specific instructions in the blessing/spell. For those that it does work for in a possitive light,  it worked merely because they were escorted to a specific line of thinking, then all they had to do is continue on in that line of thought and continue to act and react to that line of thinking and behaving.

 A Patriarch has his conscious awareness that he uses to survive this world, then he has his unconscious awareness that has been placed in a coma. If the Patriarch awakens from his coma during his conscious awareness, he will have two levels of consciousness to deal with. It can be terrifying.

The Patriarch, like the Prophet, like the Bishop, Missionaries and Congregations are ALL victims of mesmerism. We are All victims of hypnotic suggestion. Magic Spells, Patriarchal Blessings, Fathers Blessings, Astrological Readings, Tarrrot Cards, are all part of the Aura. Every time you watch or hear a commercial, you are being subtly hypnotised and mesmerized to think and to respond a certain way.


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