So I couldn't help but notice the talk about pants in church this Sunday on my facebook. Have any of the rest of you been disgusted to the point you wanna puke over the amount of people who are resistant to women wearing pants (are you freaking kidding me? It's 2012!!)? And what are your thoughts on whether it will actually affect anything in the church or not? Something else that's actually STUNNED me is the amount of people who claim their is no gender inequality in the church-and even better yet-that the Mormon church is the best church as far as equality goes. *GAG* What the hell?!!? It's almost like none of them have ever read section 132? I got in a few facebook debates about it where I, thank you very much, made people look like freaking idiots in a very polite Canadian way. What the abort button comment always was was that the dress code has never bothered them personally, and that they need to dress up to feel reverent for themselves. lol Ahh, Mormons...when will they ever start to actually THINK?

Anyways, interested to hear what happened regarding pants in your corner of the world this Sunday...

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So, what did she say to that? A lot of my facebook friends just kind of went around in circles...God doesn't care what we wear,but I need to wear my Sunday best-and never making the connection that actually God doesn't care about your Sunday best. I said that whatever you put on your body could never compare with the beauty God created that IS your body, and that he probobaly felt one's most reverent suit would be a birthday one. lol No comments on that! ha ha

Well I have a slightly different take on the issue.  First I will confess that I didn't know it was required of women to wear dresses.   I will say that one of the things I did like about going to meetings was to dress up.  I enjoyed the idea of being dressed in our Sunday bests and looking spiffy.  I think I still feel that way to some degree. I'm trying to imagine sitting in a Sacrament meeting with some kids butt crack showing and his tennis shoes unlaced and trailing behind each step.

The times they are a changing.  I remember a non-member who had never been to Utah and everywhere he went he saw Mormon women in dresses. It was an odd sight for him and he confessed that it left him in a constant state of uncomfort.   Given his thoughts, you would think the Mormon church would require women to wear pants.  I say stick to the dresses, even if you have to make the men wear them too.

Devil Bar

I don't think it's the strictness of the rule that's the issue-I think it's that there is a rule in the first place. Most Mormons that I have chatted with about it think that you need to dress up in order to be reverent. And by reverent they mean quiet, subdued, and therefore worshipful. I don't necessarily make that connection. And the funny thing is that then does that mean that they are not reverent the rest of the week? But we never get as far as to actually think about that, because the brethren haven't told us to.


Just to be clear here...I wore a skirt to my church on Sunday! lol I have nothing against dresses, and sometimes even enjoy wearing one. However, I live in Canada and I can tell you that it is not fun to wear a dress when it is -20 C or lower. NOT FUN. I have an issue with someone telling me I have to wear a dress or skirt in order to show respect for God. And, in my part of the world it is just downright stupid to wear a dress when you are driving any distance (we had to travel 50km to church one way when we were Mormon). The craziness is that the woman who started this whole wear pants to church movement last Sunday actually received death threats over it. That's right, death threats. Crazy, huh?


Well pants it is then.  I have to admit that in all these years I didn't really realize whether women were wearing pants or skirts. I didn't realize pants were out. I'm nearly positive in the early 80's when pant suits were in for women, they must have been wearing them to church, but I honestly can't remember.

I do remember a funny story of the Bishop's daugher being reprimanded for wearing something provocative to a dance.  She was very pretty and had large breasts and was wearing a sweater. The Bishop had to point out that there was little she could do about what God had given her, and that she was dressed just fine.  People do carry things to the extreme.

Devil Bar

So....My 22 year old daughter told me it was disrespectful to wear pants to church..... Whatever!!!

Bah...whaddya do? I guess it's just like everything else because I just cannot get a Mormon to see what could possibly wrong with this way of thinking. I suppose if they were ripe for the pickin', they'd be able to understand...but still-so frustrating!


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