So you love blasphemous, irreverent, offensive, politically-incorrect, drunken, Ex-Mormons who don't know when to shut up?  Well HEY!!!  The Outer Darkness Podcast is exactly what your proctologist ordered... (rimshot)  Recorded in The Great and Spacious Building, join us for new episodes every Sunday, as we get way too drunk, talk way too much, and save ourselves a hot seat in Hell.  We talk everything from movies, sex, music, sex, politics, sex, current events, sex and sometimes we even talk religion!  Oh, and sex.


Check us out, recommend us to fellow heathens, we love you long time.  We're on Facebook and Twitter too. Let's be friends?

You want Introductions?  Meet the panel:

Nimrod The Lamanite: Producer of the show, Resident Geek, and Token Lamanite.

Orrin Porter: The official bodyguard of The Great and Spacious Building.  He WILL F**k you up!

The Bastard Son of Joseph Smith: Direct descendant of Joseph Smith... but not from Emma.  He's still got one toe in.  We call him The B.J.  

Johnny Cuervo: The official bartender of The Great and Spacious Building.  His drinks are miraculous!!!

Lady Magdalene:  The official hostess of The Great and Spacious Building.  She is the loveliest ray of sunshine in all of Outer Darkness... and she cusses like a sailor.

Please to enjoy a weekly dose of blasphemy on Outer Darkness Podcast.


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