I have created a new group called "Out of the Darkness" for survivors of sexual abuse and trama. This is a private group that you can join by invitation only, therefore making it a more safe and secure place to explore issues that are unique to us "Survivors!"  Please come and join, knowing that what is said in this group will be private to only those that are members!

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Good for you! That's probably been a missing link for this community for far too long.
I am a survivor of sexual abuse.  I did a lot of work on it a while ago, (therapy - support groups) but I still have some issues.  I am actually going to be seeing my abuser, my father, in a few months after not seeing him for twenty years so it may be a good idea to have some extra support.
Way to go Mikayla; you have friends to pull you out of the rabbit hole now.

I'm interested in joining this group.  I've had therapy over the years to help me deal with the aftermath of my abuse but I've never talked with other people who experienced sexual abuse. To be able to talk to other survivors of both sexual abuse and mormonism would be great. 




Good book. I was in a program designed by the author. I'd love to join.I'd love to hear other stories of mormons who were abused, and the church concealed their perpetrators
I would be interested in joining.  I also have a question regarding our church records.  I am extremely concerned that this information about me is in the Mormon records and my family's records.  Is there anyway to get those records removed from their custody?  More than 30 years ago,... I don't know maybe it's not an issue...
You can request to join this group here: http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/group/outofthedarkness
While I was abused by a family member, and the church opted to keep everything quiet and I never received help when I needed it, I'm not too sure it would be beneficial to me. I do support the idea of having a group like this though. Good luck

I would love to join this group. I am a survivor of deep emotional abuse both from my parents and the church.


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