OT: Please urge you congress representatives to vote NO on HR 875

Please use this easy template to urge your congressmen to vote no on this dangerous "Food Safety" bill which strengthens the food GMO giants of Monsanto and others: http://www.peaceteam.net/action/pnum959.php

Please see this documentary to grasp why this is such a dangerous move:

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Thanks so much for taking time to highlight this extremely important issue - the agribusiness giants never seem to rest. They want to make sure we are all poisoned and malnourished - it is so sad that they only worship the almightly dollar.

Thank Lyndon. What continues to amaze me is how little most people care or even want to understand this stuff enough to do something about it, so stuck are they in their own little world.
After all my research regarding these issues...I have to admit...I feel helpless. I find that over the last few years I keep going back and forth...at times I feel like a soldier and then it gets consuming and I back down. I almost starved last year at Girl's Camp because I was against everything they served...lol. Thanks for reminding us about these important issues!
I know the feelings of helplessness you speak of. Are you a vegetarian, hence starving up at girls camp? I was fully vegetarian for about 1 year but have slacked a little lately.
Slacking here as well. It's hard with a family of picky eaters but yes for the most part I don't like to eat meat. I've tried a vegan lifestyle and it was great...my body felt full of energy and my mind was clear but...it's a huge change and after a month I got tired...like I said it can become consuming.
This is really powerful information! Do you know how I can follow their "voting calendar" or when this particular vote date is? (I couldn't get the video to play here but the link worked!) Sounds like our government is still so sneaky!!!


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