Open Invite to to join the greater Exmormon Community is likely the longest standing online community of exmormons and I commend them for so many years of service to those leaving the LDS church.  What confuses me though is their long standing policy against forum posts linking to exmormon content outside of their domain.  Except for a single dedicated page for exmormon blogs, they disallow and delete forum posts intended to share information from the greater online community.  They are so serious about such offenses that they maintain keywords and domain names on black lists to automatically block submission of posts containing those terms or domains.  If you try to get around this by manipulating the domain name, they still end up deleting the thread.

I don't know if they are worried about competing forums drawing away their regulars, suffer from paranoia of law suits, or are just extremely cautious.  Regardless, it has been my observation that this policy of exclusion hurts more than helps their cause.  When I left the church, I encountered before finding any other communities.  I was a regular for about 5 months until I ran into the wall of not being able to share and invite people to when I first created this social network.  My posts only lasted 30-60 minutes before being deleted and later my domain blacklisted.  That was the beginning of the end of me participating on that network.

I know of many others who left for similar reasons of censorship, rudeness and playing favorites with RFM celebrities.  They are still the most active forum from my observation, but their numbers aren't what they once where before upgrading their forum software and resetting their board.  It is my hope and invitation for the admins of "Recovery from Mormonism" to end this practice of exclusion, censorship and denial of the greater online community.  I am willing to bet that putting an end to this policy would bring many people back to participating more often in sharing on the boards.  Many of the other communities would in turn offer links back to to demonstrate unity and appreciation for their contribution to the whole.  

If we are truly in the service of helping people move on from Mormonism, we should be open and willing to guide people to the many online resources best able to fit those needs.  Not every community matches individual needs or personalities and so naturally we all gravitate to where we find our most natural online home during our transition and life after Mormonism.  While I won't hold my breath for to make this change, I will be pleasantly surprised and grateful if and when they switch to inclusiveness of all things exmormon. alternative

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RFM is great for those who are atheist. Very hostile to any who may still have faith in God even though they left Mormonism. Steve Benson rules the place, and Eric let's him get away with anything he wants. Benson and I got into more than a few rounds because of his open hostility to anyone of faith. I was banned "officially" from the group because someone told some lies about Ed Decker and I corrected them. Eric told me I was banned for promoting Ed Decker. Never knew that to be against the rules. I wasn't, I just was clearing the facts. But that is a sin there. But Benson, to me, has always been treated special. First, as a Mormon by the Mormons because he was the grandson of a Prophet, and now at RFM because he is the most well know ExMormon to leave the LDS church. So, if you go there, don't buck him or disagree with him if you want to stay.

Just two months ago I tried to see if there was interest amongst the Houston ExMos of to start a group for local support. I wrote up a post and such, but when I tried to post it the filter prevented me from posting. So I sent an email to the administration and was basically told that "There have been problems with individual groups and their main office has refused to answer questions for us like who has access to their information and the price setting/where money is going."

I was very puzzled by this response, seeing that the only relationship such a group would have to is that the members would mostly comprise posters from the forum. I also don't see what money has to do with anything.

I run several forums.  I encourage open banter and intelligent argument (not insults).  Politics and religion are where its at.

A Sysop as we used to say, needs to be very broad minded and allow people to call him names for reason.  I had a guy that called me a "Son of a B&tch".  I told him, "Brother,... I understand, Brother".  I don't think he got it.  :)

Don / Vegas

Have you sent this to Susan etc? Or are you hoping she leaves her little corner and stumbles across this?  Cuz this has a bad feel, to me.

I emailed it to her this morning.  I tried to post over there but my long time login doesn't work or I can't remember the password.  It would probably get deleted anyways.

this is what you get when trying to share outside links to most other exmo sites:

I invite everyone to vew my blog :  

"The Best of Mormonism without the Censorship of the Church"

Which is just beginning...

I am wholly engaged with primitive Christianity (Anti-Nicean Fathers, and very particularly Origen) and with Jakob Lorber Revelation.

Best wishes


Thanks for sharing Manuel!  I'll add your blog to our links page.

So the answer has been posted on RfM, I hope she copied you personally too, Mike.

Got a link?  No one sent me any response.  The thread I posted there was also deleted.

I've sent emails from 3 different accounts in case they have blocked my address.  Still no response.  Seems rather cowardly of them.  I never found a direct response as you said exists, at least not to my specific invitation.

Mike, I've left several times because of the attitudes of some of the members. If you remember SuzieQ, I am a lot like her in my attitude would get really upset that other posters couldn't wait to jump all over her at the drop of a hat.  And God forbid you post anything at all positive about mormonisim on there. I mean, mormonism has left us all slightly damaged in some way, but if when working through our mormon baggage we have anything positive to say, we'd better not say it there. ... And don't even try to suggest that you tolerate any of your Mormon neighbors, or you'll get a condescending lecture from Cheryl about how inappropriate they all are are and how by tolerating them, you are just facilitating those evil mormons.

The first time I ever posted on, was about 5 years ago and I had JUST left the church and I was still in my exmo infancy and board regulars accused me of being a troll and ripped me a new one because I asked in earnest why SO MUCH ANGER? 

I like because it's a busy board but I don't understand the attitude of not wanting to post your link if your board might be a better fit for some people.... especially when they allow their posters to run off people and call them "trolls" when really some of these people are really asking genuine questions.


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