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Looks like the book would be an interesting read. Good for her for figuring out things at such a young age!
A great read but I was disappointed that the article ended so abruptly, I wanted to read on. What happened next? Did she finish her mission or did she leave? I'll have to look for the book.

Also, after the article there was this:-
"A version of this article appeared in print on November 1, 2009, on page ST6 of the New York edition."
It is currently October 31, 2009 in Australia and still the 30th in the U.S.! Makes me wonder how the article "appeared" in a newspaper that hasn't been printed yet :-)
Maybe that's the printed version that it will appear on this weekend. I want to read her book now too. If anyone knows where to buy it, please let me know.
Yes, it was in the printed weekend edition of the paper. I love her bravery! The more mainstream ex-mormon essays become the more people will open their eyes and realize Mormons are not as harmless as they seem.
I was very touched by her simple and heartfelt way that she wrote about her feelings. I have yet to unwind the knot that will explain exactly how the church teaches us to deny our sexuality in and out of marriage. But, the more exmormons I meet the more this is a common thread in one way or another. The picture she painted of sitting there in a very broken emotional state and having a real live human being next her so afraid to even touch her was almost more than I could bear. I would like to know more of her story and how it turn out

Googled her. She left in 1989. A good writer plumbing her past. Here's a link to "Why I Won't Leave the Mormon Church Alone."


I googled her too and the first hit was a youtube video.

I had to agree with her thought that God has a sense of humor.  It's something I'd thought about as a Mormon too.  Now though I don't believe that God has a head to throw back and laugh, but instead that we are part of God and humor is part of us, therefore part of God.

Wow, what a story from a strong woman. And to think how isolated she must have felt.


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