Non-Mormon family not being allowed to attend son's wedding

An article in the Arizona Republic today demonstrates the reason behind the Temple Wedding Petition.


Thanks to Cheri for going public with her very personal family story.  It clearly demonstrates the need for the LDS Church to revise its policy
of penalizing couples who choose a civil ceremony prior to temple
sealing with a one year wait.  Eliminating the penalty would help to
remove the fear and stigma that mormon's attach to marrying outside of
the temple in favor of all family members.  Such a move would clearly
mark the difference between a civil wedding/marriage and the religious
requirement to be "sealed" in the temple for eternity.  


I would appreciate everyone's help if they would please take the link to
the news article and distribute freely on your blogs and across the

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I honestly think it's high time that the corporate heads of the church had a "revelation" allowing family and friends, who promise to meet with a local church leader beforehand, to attend temple wedding ceremonies. I don't see why this isn't possible. It's not at all like going back on their stance against gays, or women and the priesthood. Think about how radical it was for the church to allow black men to hold the priesthood. It could be a "new and exciting" revelation. Only for weddings, not baptisms for the dead, not sealings, not endowments, not any other work for the dead. Just the wedding. It could be like going on BYU campus. The local church authority could inform everyone that there is no smoking or drinking on temple grounds, no admittance for anyone who smells like smoke or alcohol, no swearing, no loud talking, church attire, maybe even absolute silence for the nonmembers who attend.

Why can't they at least pretend that Jesus would say this was okay? Wouldn't this help with PR at least a little? Don't they need a little positive PR after the Proposition 8 fiasco? They've changed the temple endowment ceremony over and over again. This should be a no-brainer, really.

And one last thought: Wouldn't this lead to a few more missionary contacts, when everyone sees how "beautiful" the temple wedding ceremony is, and they hear the words about how the marriage will go on for eternity?
Uh.....I don't think the "more missionary contacts" department. I am beginning to think that one of the reasons they fight this so much is because they KNOW how deficient this experience is, and if the no-mo parents are there, that will be reinforced to their son or daughter. It's got to be the most built-up and then "WTF" experience for so many people -- especially those who are recent converts.
That story made me cry. :o(
it was pretty heart wrenching. Some of the comments from obvious TBMs (true believing mormons) are pretty bigoted and mean spirited.
Crazy! I bet they don't get that many comments on most of their articles. Hopefully it gets reposted on a national page somewhere, to really draw some publicity that is capable of change.


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